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    Credit Repair Texas

    Your spirit and buying power probably feel like anything but Texas-sized if your credit score is suffering from years of late payments, accumulating debt, collections, charge-offs, and more. Lucky for you, the Lone Star gang just got luckier: the best Texas credit repair is here to serve you.

    White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA) represents the team of expert credit specialists you seek. They’re the leaders in the industry, and their new aggressive and customizable approach to credit repair makes them the obvious choice over other companies still clinging to traditional methods and impersonal plans.

    texas credit repair

    People have a hard time resisting the chance to live in the Lone Star State, whether they’ve grown up there, are returning to their roots, or plan to make a fresh start in a part of the country that is forever developing economically and culturally. Texas is impressive when it comes to job growth, diversity, history, and livability. These benefits are magnified by a good credit score. Strong credit opens doors. If your credit is suffering, it’s time to get help.

    Learn more about the WJA mission here. They’re in the business of revitalizing you and your family by changing your life through credit.


    All too often, life happens, doesn’t it? Out of the blue, we’re faced with financial decisions that require us to spend what we don’t have and sometimes to spend a lot of what we don’t have. You realize that these choices aren’t choices at all; action must be taken. But that doesn’t make the consequence of bad credit any more bearable. Every time you try to get ahead or take an important step in your life, your credit score is holding you back.

    Perhaps you’ve been skeptical about talking with a credit analyst. Maybe you don’t even understand what the credit repair journey entails. All you know is, you’ve got to move past this. Read more about White, Jacobs & Associates and their unique and proven process here. You’ll soon comprehend why they’re the best out there. You won’t even think about hiring anyone else to handle your repair.

    Something has to change. You’re exhausted, and most days, you feel like you’re sleepwalking through the motions. You have goals. You want to get approved for a mortgage. You want a good interest rate. You want to benefit from the perks of good credit. However, things like collections, public records, and lack of positive credit feel like quicksand you can’t fight and rise above. You’re a Texan! And while that should feel exciting, it’s overshadowed by uncertainty and absolute dread.

    WJA can and will take on such a burden for you. Of course, you’ll play an active part in the plan they customize for you, but they’ll handle what can become confusing and overwhelming. It’ll be your responsibility to budget and learn from the one-on-one guidance and coaching you’ll receive. You’ll witness firsthand what credit restoration can do for your score. You’ll witness the power of an investigative research team and an in-house law firm that audits the creditors that are reporting negative/inaccurate items on your report. WJA results where other companies fall short.

    So, if you’re searching for a way to improve credit to buy home or auto, or if you need help refinancing or with creditor audits or debt settlements, start with WJA’s free consultation today. They’ll assess your history and determine if they can help you.

    Read more about White, Jacobs & Associates, and hear from real credit analysts regarding their clients and particular successes. It’s all on the WJA blog!


    Texas has a lot to offer, and you need to be ready to reach out and take it. From Houston to Austin, to Dallas and San Antonio, Texans are looking for their dream home in the dream neighborhood, for the much-needed new vehicle, and for better interest rates. Texas residents see opportunity and need business loans to become a part of the state’s growth.

    How we’re different from other credit repair companies?

    Too many credit scams out there take advantage of your credit situation. They keep you out of the loop and distracted by snazzy platforms and apps. They charge you 100 bucks a month indefinitely. They’re unclear about the timeline of their programs because the less you know, the more they benefit – at your expense, unfortunately. On top of it all, traditional credit repair companies are sending out generic, form dispute letters on a customer’s behalf. This just isn’t the way, y’all. It’s ineffective, and you’re right to wonder if the results will even last.

    How long does the process take?

    White, Jacobs & Associates sees you through the credit improvement process in 6 months. That’s it. And, it’s common to start to see results within the first 45 days since WJA goes after everything on your report from the start. If your case for some reason takes you beyond that timeframe, you won’t be charged for that extra time. WJA employs experienced, passionate credit analysts, an investigative research team, and an in-house law office. From the beginning of your credit repair journey, you’ll be partnered with a credit analyst that will soon feel like your coach, credit guide, and friend. It’s Texas credit repair can trust. You’ll hear the same voice each time you call in. You won’t be one of many in the customer service call-in line. Your credit is personal, so WJA takes a personal approach in every facet of the program. Years down the road, if you have more questions, they’ll still be there with answers.

    Plenty of past clients have sought to secure better interest rates, increase credit score, and more. Read the results and reviews here. See what it means to invest in the WJA difference for yourself!


    You need a Credit Authority© on your side, and White, Jacobs & Associates can be that for you today. Their clients start to see results in an average of 45 days. It’s one of the many reasons that they’re the credit repair company Texas knows and depends on. Fix credit to buy home, or fix it for auto. Improve your chances for better rates and payments that will work for you.

    Texans, if you’re lacking energy, a zest for life, and that all-important buying power, White, Jacobs & Associates could help you change all that. Reach out to WJA today.