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A road less traveled

White, Jacobs and Associates was founded as a solution to the ineffectiveness in the consumer credit services industry. Part of our success comes from leveraging the combination of an investigative research team, an in-house law firm, and a team of expert credit analysts. That, coupled with a process that is fundamentally different than the “automated dispute letter” routine used by amateur & run-of-the-mill credit repair agencies – we achieve expedient and long-lasting results where other companies fall short.

Round 1. Full force ahead.

Right from the start we go after everything relevant on all three of your credit reports. It typically takes 30-45 days for you to receive results back however a lot of our clients will begin to receive results within about 2 weeks from creditors and collection agencies. Be on the lookout for credit reports in the mail from Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. These will show the results of all the items from our initial work.

Often times, creditors and collection agencies will try to communicate with you for the purpose of validating the debts, so we advise our clients to cease all communication of this type.

Once the results from this round are received in our office, our investigative research team will notate the items that have been removed and start the 2nd round by going after the items that have not yet been removed.

Round 2

The 2nd round is similar to the 1st round in that you will receive additional correspondence & communication from creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus. However, the disputes and audits are more specific. Again, you will send all of this correspondence to our office so that we can formulate our approach in Round 3.

Round 3. A firmer hand.

As a consumer, you have rights related to credit. We work with an in-house law firm to build a case against creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus in the event federal laws are violated.

It’s an escalated process where the creditors and collection agencies will be responding to the law firm on this 3rd round. The responses to the law firm are added to your file as a reference point for the next round of letters from the law firm. At the end of this round, our Investigative Research Team will also update the CRM system with any deletions and proof in preparation for Round 4.

Round 4

The fourth round consists of letters to the credit bureaus and any remaining creditors and or collection agencies from the law firm. The 4th round references E-Oscar – which is the software system the creditors and collection agencies use to communicate with the bureaus. Errors are common because the codes are alpha-numerical (and information is easily miscommunicated). The bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies typically respond to this final round.

Beyond the Rounds

Specific circumstances will require additional customized letters that we will craft and send beyond our standard 4-round process. If we see potential success by going this route, we will invest the time at no extra charge to you. At times, we also identify clients that could benefit from debt settlement and refer them appropriately. And, for those clients that are in the process of obtaining a mortgage, we offer dispute removal to facilitate the loan officer’s ability to pull a valid credit report.

Shelley S.

…Because of Elizabeth’s hard work, I am ready to make an offer on a home. I could not have done this without her. – 5☆ Google Review

Alyssa K.

…Nathan was able to bring my score from a 520 to a 740 in just a few months. He always kept me up to date on how things were progressing. So excited to be able to buy a house! – 5☆ Google Review

Lacey C.

…There was so much bad credit and past mistakes I figured maybe a few things would come off, but no! They were able to get things removed that I never thought possible! It’s really amazing, I am so thankful for Steve – 5☆ Google Review

Susan C.

… I was extremely skeptical about enrolling and putting my trust and giving total control to a “credit repair” company, because like many others, I to have heard so many horror stories. But after reading some of the unbelievable reviews about White Jacobs I decide to take a leap of faith and go for it. – 5☆ Google Review

Jacob R.

… Derek set the expectations for the process upfront and a few months later everything that was expected has gone accordingly. My credit has tremendously improved which allows me the ability to make choices when obtaining financed vs. being only given the terms I qualify for. – 5☆ Google Review

The Quick 1-2-3-

3 Easy Steps

No-Cost Consultation

We’re easy to talk to. Your credit analyst will review your credit report and come up with a specific plan of action. We won’t bring you into the program unless we believe we’ll have a good chance of success.

We Get to Work

As soon as you’re signed up, we start the 1st round of audits. The program lasts a maximum of 6 months, however, we usually start to see results within the first 45-60 days. That’s exciting.

Enjoy the Results

An increased credit score can change your life. After the program, it’s time to enjoy the success! You will also walk away with knowledge on how to maintain and build good credit for the future.

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