We know it's urgent.

Dispute code removal typically within 24 to 72 hours.


At no additional out of pocket expenses for our clients. And no need for loan officers to do a rapid re-score.

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Forget the stereotype

One common reason that loan officers are hesitant to utilize credit repair companies is due to the dispute language / remarks that appear on their client’s credit report. At White Jacobs & Associates, we typically overcome this easily because we have built our services around the mortgage approval process to cater to our biggest referral source.

A bit of history

We first started noticing the issue surrounding dispute codes in late 2009 when loan officers were pulling credit reports and coming back with conditions from either LP or DU. This underwriting condition stemmed from the infamous “mortgage meltdown” crisis and because dispute verbiage was never allowed under certain mortgage guidelines but was never put on the radar – investors were now being forced to buy back loans that had dispute verbiage in them after being audited.

Dispute verbiage under the microscope

Since the pendulum swings both ways, dispute verbiage before was never scrutinized and NOW this one word made the challenging job of being in the mortgage business that much more difficult amidst rising regulation. Like many, we struggled to determine the best solution to a growing problem and attempted every angle to get us to the best course of action.

We can get it done

Our dispute removal process involves directly engaging with the credit bureaus, so from start to finish it can typically take 24-72 hours and our analyst will communicate with both the client and loan officer as to when the credit report will need to be pulled or refreshed. If you are seeking this service only please contact our office directly in order to obtain pricing.


Dispute code removal is only a small part of what we do. Credit restoration, when done right, is an intricate process which has multiple moving parts. We work with clients to remove negative/inaccurate items on their credit report. This allows them to qualify for homes, refinances, loans, and much more.