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Big Purchases

New car? Refinance? With a good credit score, you can get qualified for big life events.

A New Home

Qualify for a home with your improved credit score. We love helping clients get approved for a house.

Better Rates

Save thousands with lower interest rates on purchases, credit cards, insurance, and more.

Do any of these look familiar?

Our in-house attorney and our investigative research team work to repair your credit.



Late Payments


Student Loans







We average a 70 to 90 success rate

There’s a reason we get results.

Our Unique Process

You’ll work 1-on-1 with a credit analyst every step of the way. Your assigned credit expert will guide you through the entire process.

Once we determine that you’re a good fit for our program, our investigative research team will evaluate your specific situation and establish a customized gameplan for YOU.

And best of all – we’re backed by an attorney.

Real reviews from past clients.

Kristie H.

“I was in search of some help because my credit score was less than perfect. And I didn’t know how to begin the credit repair process on my own. I found White Jacobs and Associates through a credit repair forum and immediately began to research more about the company.

They had excellent reviews, so I decided to give it a shot and put my contact information to learn more about the program. I was contacted immediately by Lupe whom was very upfront and honest about the entire process so I decided to start. I began the program in October and by December 99% of marks were deleted. I am thankful for this program and Lupe especially for helping and coaching me through this entire process. It has taken so much stress and fear away. If you are skeptical about the program, I say don’t think about it and just do it! What a wonderful program!”

Lacey C.

“Steve is awesome! So very helpful, kind, and straightforward. I was unsure how we would go about getting my credit repaired, but he cleared up all fears and questions I had! The process was painless and I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the results! Steve and his team have done WAY above and beyond what I thought possible. He was there the whole way making things as easy as possible. We can actually qualify for loans now! That means a house people!! I didn’t think we would ever get to this point and Steve and White Jacobs and Associates made it happen in no time! There was so much bad credit and past mistakes I figured maybe a few things would come off, but no! They were able to get things removed that I never thought possible! It’s really amazing, I am so thankful for Steve and White Jacobs and Associates. I highly recommend them!”

Ashley S.

“LIZ! You are a genius and a real pro. I had 100% deletion on my Equifax score and raised over 100 points on average from the other creditors due to your hard work. And we aren’t even done yet. Your customer service is impeccable and greatly appreciated. We started this process in June and already have seen amazing results. We are buying a house next year and Liz has set us up in a position where we can get the home of our dreams with an excellent interest rate. I would give more than 5 stars!!! Thank you immensely.”

Tiffany O.

“I can’t stress enough of what a godsend White Jacobs and Associates are…Will and his team are phenomenal at what they do! They helped repair our credits from the low 500’s to low 700’s in less than 6 months! Due to their help, we are able to get our family of 7 into our dream home. Believe me, the decision to hire a credit repair company made me and my husband very nervous at first. Like everyone else, we’ve heard the alarming stories before.

We’ve heard how most credit repair companies are scams, just take your money, with no results, which definitely caused my husband and I to pause at the thought. With 5 kids, we couldn’t just throw away our hard-earned money, so at first, this was definitely a gamble in our eyes. Believe me when I say, you can be confident that they are not one of those companies that take advantage & scam you. I can assure you that White Jacobs and Associates are trustworthy, professional, and very qualified at what they do. We could not be happier with our end results and the amazing job they did for us! God Bless!”

Our results speak for themselves.

Teresa J.

Teresa couldn't get approved for a mortgage because of her credit situation. Her scores were too low to qualify for a conventional loan.

She had 11 collections (medical and creditor) totaling over 9000 in negative debt. She also had a bankruptcy and late payments on her report.
Here's what happened.







Doug M.

Doug wanted to refinance his mortgage at a low fixed rate. He also wanted to finance a new car at a good interest rate.

He had 3 collections and 4 charge-offs on his credit report. He also had profile inaccuracies and a lack of positive credit.
Here's what happened.







You could work with another company.

But please be aware.

Other credit companies ...

Do not have an in-house attorney.

We don't just send dispute letters. We use attorney-based audits in our program. That's part of the reason we get results when amateur companies cannot.

Do not have urgency to get results.

Think about it. A company that charges an ongoing monthly fee (for years) doesn't want you to leave! The longer you stay on, the better. Why keep paying for poor to mediocre results?

Do not give you a personal credit coach.

With White Jacobs & Associates, you are paired with a professional credit analyst. You can call/email them anytime. They answer any questions and guide you through the entire process.

Do not customize responses to credit bureaus and creditors

We send each round of audits based on the response from the credit bureaus and creditors. If we don't get their cooperation, we send attorney-backed audits in the 3rd and 4th round.

Do not help you add additional lines of positive credit.

There are two ways to raise your credit score. 1. Remove negative items. 2. Add positive items. We can help with you BOTH. Other companies don't.

So how much does it cost?

Good news. It’s affordable. We’re willing to work with your financial situation.
And it all starts with a no-cost consultation.

You are taking a step in the right direction.

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