I began working with Derek Shaw (White, Jacobs, and Associates) in the summer. I have been impressed with how quickly my credit improved and transparency of the process. The communication has been great. Derek set the expectations for the process upfront and a few months later everything that was expected has gone accordingly. My credit has tremendously improved which allows me the ability to make choices when obtaining financed vs. being only given the terms I qualify for. I would highly recommend working with Derek!



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Chelsea Noonan
Chicago, IL
  • ExperianBefore 527+108After 635
  • TransunionBefore 527+56After 583
  • EquifaxBefore 527+108After 635
Theresa Johnson
Dallas, TX
  • ExperianBefore 576+83After 659
  • Transunion Before 562+130After 692
  • EquifaxBefore 573+116After 689
Gregory Davis
Los Angeles, CA
  • EquifaxBefore 608 +179After 787
  • ExperianBefore 679+-9After 670
  • TransunionBefore 603+149After 752



    WJA has decades of experience in the consumer credit industry, with a seasoned staff to back our services.  We hope that through our guidance, knowledge, and aggressive approach to credit;  our clients will be able to have a renewed sense of credit worthiness thus saving more money.  

    Credit Analyst

    The Credit Analyst at White Jacobs and Associates work to ensure that we only enroll clients that we are confident we can assist in accomplishing their credit goals.  Our Analyst are knowledgeable in the various credit restoration laws, as well as consumer credit reporting and will be able to advise client on the path to improved buying power.

    Investigative Research

    The WJA Investigative Research Team works in tandem with our Credit Analyst to ensure each item reported is thoroughly researched for accuracy and compliancy with consumer credit rights.

    Law Firm Services

    WJA works in conjunction with an in-house law firm to help fix your credit rating through our credit restoration plans.

    • We use Attorney Based Audits in our program.
    • We offer Attorney Backed Debt Settlement services.
    • We can refer our clients to the law firm for more difficult issues.