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Reinier S.

“…What can I say, I’m really impressed with their service. After using Lexington Law for a while things kept coming back to my credit so I decided to give White Jacobs and Associates a try.

I’m blown away with their service! I can’t believe they deleted all my collections.

I’m at 670 credit score and I applied for a credit card which was approved with a credit line of 8,000 dollars. Before this, I’ve never had a credit card limit higher than 300.

It takes discipline and patience but you can get there. Right now my wife and I are looking for a house to buy – our dream come true.

Thanks White Jacobs – Im forever grateful.

Thanks also to Christine for taking such a good care of me!”

Jason W.

“For the past 3 years I have been subject to crazy high interest rates on automobiles, denied home loans, and even unable to move into a decent apartment all because of a broken lease that should not have existed. With the aid of White Jacobs and Steve, after a few months I have been absolved of my blemishes. I had spoken to other attorneys about resolution only to be met with ‘Maybe, Probably, and likelys’. These were much cheaper but I was unwilling to deal with someone who had no spine or faith in their own work. But, after just a few minutes of speaking with Steve Tansey it was green lights. He opened with a disclaimer, ‘you may not get the result you want’ but I can and will get this taken care of.

He gave me a realistic timeframe of six months on the high side. It took only four months to resolve. He had confidence, he let me when exactly where in the process things stood, and what to expect moving forward. He gave me additional advice on how to continue to further grow and his personal number. He responded to calls outside of working hours and I didn’t wait days for responses on e-mails. Steve Tansey is the man you need to oversee your situation. There was no uncertainty in his voice, there was not a grey area to answers, but, there was a report with a defect and score of 680 that transitioned to a blemish free 751. White Jacobs and Associates. Call them.”

Adilah Y.

“I am so elated about the progress of my credit score. I’ve never written a review before and never really anticipated on writing one but I am so overjoyed about the results that I’ve received from White Jacobs & Associates and couldn’t keep it to myself.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t taught about financial responsibility nor credit so this led to me making poor financial decisions and bad debt management. For so long I wanted credit guidance but refused to invest in a credit repair company because I felt as though I could of done it myself. In addition, I also thought that credit repair companies were scammers and wasn’t worth the investment. After working with White Jacobs & Associates, I know realize I was SO wrong!

My entire adult life, I have been penalized and paid extra in interest due to my poor credit, low 500’s. The breaking point for me was in September, I needed a new car and couldn’t get financing or lower than 22%. I knew at that point, something had to change. After researching several companies and reading reviews for other companies, someone mentioned White Jacobs and Associates in their post. So I begin to research them and read some really great reviews. Yet, I was still skeptical but decided to make the phone call out of curiosity.

From the moment I spoke with Woody, I was impressed by his patience, knowledge, and genuine concern. Yet, I was still skeptical. After that initial conversation, I realized I gotta do something different to get something different. So I called Woody back and moved forward in the process in October. Although, I was forewarned by Woody that it is a process and can take so time, I still wanted immediate gratification. After 2 months of no results, I became skeptical once again. I reached out to Woody just last week after Christmas and asked him what’s going on? He assured me that they’re working on it and sometimes the bureaus take time to update. Due to receiving letters from creditors, I knew they were working on it but I felt like it wasn’t happening fast enough so once again, I was skeptical.

On yesterday, New Year’s Day I received an email from a credit monitoring company that I use saying my score has changed and log in to see the changes. When I logged in and saw my credit score on the 1st of the year in the mid 600’s, I started crying. I just feel like this is going to be a great year and I am on my way to meeting my goals of a house, a car, and lower interest rates. In fact, since I’m off for the holidays, I’m looking for old bills to pay because I don’t want anything to hit my credit to knock it back down. This is just the beginning, only 2 months into program and seeing results. Can’t wait until the end result!!! Thank you White Jacobs & Associates”

Jessie P.

Jessie wanted to stop wasting money on rent and move into a home.

Her credit
report showed

  • 2 Collections
  • 2 Charge-Offs
  • Late Payments
  • Lack of positive credit
Amy M.

Amy wanted to buy a new home and also finance a car with a good interest rate.

Her credit
report showed

  • 13 Collections
  • 1 Charge-Off
  • Profile Inaccuracies

Stacie H.

“I reached out to White, Jacobs & Assoc. because of my low credit rating and the need for help. My credit has gone up way over 100 points with the help of Salley O.! I’m so thankful to Salley for being transparent and for giving me guidance. She is also so non-judge mental and made me feel very comfortable during the process. My end goal is to be able to purchase a new car and a house, and I’m getting there. If I were to have to do the process again, I would choose WJ, and Salley!!”

Ronda J.

“My bad credit has been bringing me down my entire life. I made bad decisions when I was younger that hurt my credit and had some medical emergencies that I couldn’t afford. Because of all of this I have always paid hefty deposits for my apartments, my insurance has always been expensive, my interest rate on my vehicles have always been 16% or higher, and I even got turned down for a job a few years ago. I guess I just got used to it. I thought this is how life is. This was my punishment.

I knew something had to change when I went to purchase my home. I was turned down for a loan from multiple companies. My highest score was a 528. The only place that would approve me was going to give me a 7% interest rate. I knew after all these years with high interest on my cars, that I just couldn’t even consider paying 7% in interest on a home. I couldn’t continue throwing money away for rent. I hated the neighborhood I was living in and, more importantly, I was afraid to let my two boys go play outside because on the neighborhood that we lived in.

One loan officer told me to call Tyler at White Jacobs. I did research on the company and was very pleased with what I found. However, when I researched general credit repair online, I heard horror stories. I became really skeptical of the idea of credit repair. I just knew that I had to do something. I called Tyler. He told me that if he couldn’t help me he would tell me. That put me at ease. He looked over my report and said that I would be a good fit for the program. After he went over the report with me and answered all of my questions, I decided to move forward with the program. After 33 days I began to see results. I saw my scores increase and collection accounts deleted. Tyler kept me in the loop the entire way through the program and answered all of my questions. He set me up with two credit cards and taught me how to manage them. This was exciting for me. I haven’t been approved for a credit card in years.

I was in the program for around 4 months. Guess what? I got my keys to my home three weeks ago! I went back to the loan officer that originally told me no and I was approved! I’m going to finance some new furniture this weekend so I can furnish my new home. Best of all, my children are safe to play outside. My scores that were in the low 500’s are now in the 700’s. I’m now saving $50 on my insurance every month and over $100 on my car payment after refinancing. I look back and wonder why no one told me about this before. All the money, time, and stress I could’ve saved myself is mind blowing. I’m so grateful to Tyler and the entire team at White Jacobs. I no longer have this dark cloud over my head that says I have to pay more for everything because of my younger years. I have freedom! Thank you!”

Jacob R.

“I began working with Derek in the summer. I have been impressed with how quickly my credit improved and transparency of the process. The communication has been great. Derek set the expectations for the process upfront and a few months later everything that was expected has gone accordingly. My credit has tremendously improved which allows me the ability to make choices when obtaining financed vs. being only given the terms I qualify for…”

Greg B.

Greg and his wife wanted to qualify for a lower interest rate on their new home.

His credit
report showed

  • 3 Late Payments
  • 2 Federal Liens
  • Excessive Inquiries
  • Lack of Positive Credit
Ray M.

Ray and his wife wanted to qualify for a conventional mortgage as a first-time home buyer.

His credit
report showed

  • 3K+ in Negative Debt
  • 6 Medical Collections
  • Lack of Positive Credit

Ivory M.

“First I would like to start by saying I tried many credit repair companies but this one right here is the truth although they are expensive but for the results they are by far are worth every dollar.

I started with a 562 credit score and in 6 months I hit the 700 mark my agent Liz guided me through every step establish me with 3 credit cards as well as help me to achieve getting my first home for me and my family by following her lead and applying every step she advised me to take I’m now able to purchase a home as well as have 3 major credit cards, thank you Liz – You rock. I recommend anyone who has doubts – believe in this service!”

Lindsey H.

“What an amazing company to have on your side! I had an issue with an unscrupulous collection company that had reported a collection on me that unfortunately severely compromised my credit score. My fiance and I were trying to buy a house and I needed my credit to come up tremendously in order to get the best rate for us.

When I got in contact with LeAnn, my score was a lousy 642. Because of the collection issue, I started working with LeAnn and White Jacobs and Associates and after only SIX short weeks, the derogatory information was removed from my credit report! Even after the collection was off my report, LeAnn continued to advise changes that I could do for my credit portfolio to boost my score even more.

At a month after the collection being taken off my report and doing some of the things LeAnn so kindly suggested, my average credit score is a whopping 787 and my fiance and I have had no trouble with purchasing our house!! I can’t thank LeAnn and her team enough. She truly cares about her clients and wishfully wants success for them. She always took to the time to answer all of my questions without hesitation and thoroughly enjoyed being able to help me. She treated me like I was a part of her family and I couldn’t be more grateful! If you need help, let them help you!”

Rosalynn L.

“Worth every penny! So pleased with my results! Joe helped where Lexington Law could not. I wish I would have started with them a long time ago. My score improved more than 100+ points with each credit bureau. I was in the mid 500s and for the first time ever I’m in the 700s. I highly recommend this firm!”

Truman L.

Truman was moving to another city and was not able to get approved for a home with this credit score.

His credit
report showed

  • 4K+ in Negative Debt
  • 4 Medical Collections
  • 3 Creditor Collections
Jason H.

Jason wanted to move out of his apartment and buy a home closer to work.

His credit
report showed

  • 1 Collection
  • 1 Charge-Off
  • 2 Late Payments
  • Excessive Inquiries

Justin B.

“My wife and I have been struggling to repair our credit. Due to seemingly paralyzed credit scores, we haven’t been able to buy the things we want, i.e. a home, without being rejected by a numerous amount of lenders. After being referred to White Jacobs and Associates, then speaking with Allan, we decided to give the program a shot. They are confident in what they can do, and for that reason, we believed them and took the chance.

We’re now only in our first week; Allan is knowledgeable and has been more than helpful, even offering two hours of free consultation time. That said, I’ll report back at the end of this program with the full experiential review. Our hope is to qualify for the ‘dream’ home that we are ready to build.

UPDATE: 8 months later, my wife’s credit score is 150 points higher than it was – from a 520 to a 670. We are now able to enter into a mortgage and buy our first home. This is been nothing short of an amazing investment, and now it’s my turn. Allan has been more than helpful on all issues and has been dedicated to our success since day one. Just phenomenal. ”

Stephen T.

“5 Star without a doubt. My credit was in very bad condition and I was really embarrassed and concerned about my future regarding my finances & credit. With bad past financial difficulties and poor decision making my credit got way out of hand.

My wife and I were trying to purchase a home but were being held back by irritating credit issues. We were recommended by our Residential Mortgage Lender that is helping us get into a home, to Edward with White Jacobs and Associates to help us resolve these credit issues. I have to say hands down from the very first phone call that Edward has been very proficient, from the beginning he explained everything well enough for us to understand the process clearly and has done a good job with communicating throughout the process. He has amazingly got my credit score above where it needed to be in order to move forward with the purchase of our home.

I personally recommend White Jacobs and Associates, especially Edward, to anyone in need of someone well qualified, friendly, straight forward and professional. ”

Elena F.

“In Nov 2017 I was referred to and hired “Magic” Mike to fix my credit. I signed a contract with a builder and gave a deposit down trusting their words. I don’t regret a minute of it. These guys know what they are doing, very experienced. They prepare you, and work with you. You just have to listen and do what they say and the chips will fall where they belong. I’m proof of this. For me, you can’t put a price on fixing my credit because I know their are plenty out there that don’t come through after you pay up but Mike came through as he said. These guys not only know what they are doing their passion to help people is even deeper. I went from a 580 to over 640 by March 2018 and closing on my house April 25th 2018. I am an entrepreneur and They helped me accomplish the American dream alone as a single woman. I will refer them for life, just saying.”

Rosalynn L.

Rosalynn needed to refinance her mortgage and get out of a high-interest car payment.

Her credit
report showed

  • 1 Collection
  • 3 Charge-Offs
  • 1 Late Payment
  • Lack of Positive Credit
Ivory M.

Ivory had a growing family and needed to get approved for a bigger house.

Her credit
report showed

  • 5 Collections
  • 3 Charge-Offs
  • 1 Late Payment
  • Profile Inaccuracies

Rachel A.

“I am now completely finished with this program. My overall score has increased by 100 points. I had previously been working on my credit for years and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the help and education I have received. Thank you Nathan for answering every question I had, getting back with me so quickly and doing such a great job. For anyone needing help repairing your credit, this truly is an excellent program!”

Joan and Ryan

“ABOVE AND BEYOND!. I currently live in South Carolina and my credit score was suffering mostly due to incorrect information on my credit report. Unbeknownst to me, Credit Repair is ILLEGAL in SC (Speaking in terms of hiring one to repair it). Tyler himself was the one who informed me of this. Upon hearing this my heart sunk to the floor and felt completely helpless for I was seeking credit repair for approval of loan for the start up fees and licenses to my distillery and finally fulfill my dream of marketing my own brand of Craft Bourbon.

Defeated, I thanked him for his time and prepared to end the call. He then asked me if had a email address and said he wanted to send some information to me. He continued to speak with me which was surprising to me, knowing he would not receive any monetary compensation from me but was still treating me like a paying customer. He gave me some information and requested that I call him back and inform him if I was able to remove the negative accounts myself. I had been researching for quite some time on how to do this myself with no luck really but he was able to properly direct me in a matter of minutes. I have now completed everything on my end and just waiting for the collectors and credit bureau to get back with me.

Tyler had no reason to help me and did so without pay and asked nothing of me except for me to update him on my situation and for me to “Keep in touch.” He even saved my number in his personal cell and stated “Call me anytime”…WOW.. . His kindness, professionalism, and knowledge was,, without a doubt, far more than one could ask for, but to me what’s most impressive is how glaringly obvious why he does this, and that’s for the love of helping people. One of the most humble and gregarious guys I’ve ever come across. Rest assured Tyler will be getting Thank you cards, gift cards, and a fine bottle of Bourbon for many Christmases to come…. Sincerely-Joan and Ryan.”

Leslie T.

“I am in the mortgage industry and I have referred many customers to Lara. They are very professional and always handle our customers with the utmost respect. Lara has been a pleasure to work with!! She has worked on many customer’s credit reports for me. Once she has completed her work, then we are able to have the customers attain their dream of owning a home. I would recommend them to anyone trying to buy a home!!”

Carlo S.

“These folks are great. I cannot thank you enough. My rep Ashley assisted me through the entire process. Financial difficulties and some health issues really hurt my stability 4 years ago. I have been ashamed of my position and inability to qualify for a mortgage. That’s when I was referred to White Jacobs and Associates. They were able to get me back into good graces with my creditors and now I am purchasing a new home. Thank you so much. My deepest thanks!”

Tony P.

“I have a working relationship with Derek and am also one of his success stories. He’s quick to respond with questions and knows his stuff. Let me start by stating that I have been a mortgage broker for nearly 15 years; so you can only imagine how many credit reports I have reviewed in that time.

Here is a fact – not everyone has had perfect credit including myself. There are always different circumstances that land people in their current situation but you always have a choice to do something about it. When it comes to credit repair; I have referred a number of clients and friends to Derek with great results. I, for one, would not send personal friends to someone unless I had 100% confidence that they would be treated well and the results were proven. After seeing how well Derek’s program worked for my customers; I decided to move forward with my own credit repair.

I was in the 660 FICO range but wanted to be back in the mid to high 700s. Five to six months after I started the program with Derek my mid FICO was 749 and my high FICO was 799. Bottom line – it works and I would not hesitate sending anyone to Derek for credit consultation and repair. Credit affects insurance rates, mortgage rates, auto loan rates, Utility down payments, etc. It’s a no brainer to get your credit repaired immediately if you want to get the best possible rates on those big ticket purchases in life.

Louis B.

“I have worked in the oil and gas industry for over 37 years. We all know how this industry is like a “roller coaster”. As a result of lay offs, job transfers, etc., my financial security as well as the ability to provide for my family was set into turmoil. Thank the Lord I found LeAnn with White Jacobs and Associates. “Magic” is the one word that fits what LeAnn has done to help me with my credit problems. I am well on my way to having multiple discrepancies on my credit fixed. In just a couple of month’s my credit score has increased dramatically. She is an invaluable “credit coach”!! I am putting the word out about LeAnn and her company to any and everyone I can think of.”

William G.

“Have to say, Joe has completely changed my life. He’s is a life saver I can’t say enough. For the first time in my life I can say I have good credit. He has educated me, I sell cars so you would think I would know about this stuff but I didn’t. In the beginning I found them because of reading the reviews. They are worth every penny. So if you’re thinking about it, contact White Jacobs and Associates. Extremely helpful through out the whole process. I’m still seeing results. Thanks again Joe.”

Chris H.

“Over the past several years, my credit was not good; hovering around 565 or so (per Equifax). I lost all hope in getting good rates on loans and such. I knew I had to get my credit fix, but I didn’t have a process that could fix it in a timely manner. I vetted several credit repair companies and landed with White Jacobs and Associates. Allan, who I worked with, was so professional and thorough. He listened to all of my questions and kept his word on things that his company could do for me. He also educated me on the credit repair process and credit law in general.

Well, in less than 3 months, my credit score increased by 152 points to 717! I was so excited I went out and purchased a brand new car for my wife, with a low interest rate.

We’ll be buying a new home within the next 6 months or so. This really changed my life!! If anyone is looking to not only increase their credit score, but to understand how credit works overall, then I would highly recommend White Jacobs and Associates. They are true professionals who understand and know credit law. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

Joe M.

“I’ve tried other credit repair services before and none compared to responsiveness and results from White Jacobs and Associates. From the initial consultation they were very knowledgeable and honest in their approach to getting results. My Rep was Lupe and was excellent in answering all my questions. Lupe went above and beyond through entire process. My score went from low 600’s to low to mid 700’s now still with some items pending. I would recommend their services to anyone especially with the help of Lupe. Great company!”

Terry S.

“Oh my goodness, I made the decision to clean up my credit reports the end of January and in just 65 days they have increased my credit score almost 400 points across the board! Thank you Michael for your hard work. I was somewhat skeptical when I started because I really haven’t heard good reviews on credit repair, But White Jacobs and Mike have been very informative and have kept me up to date with all correspondence received and the process. I have and will continue to recommend White Jacobs and Assocites. Thank you!!!”

Tiffany B.

“Woody, from White Jacobs and Associates did nothing but make me feel good from the beginning. If I was worried, he took away the doubt. He told me exactly how this was going to go and it pretty much went exactly how he said it was going to go. there was only one thing that he was not able to get off of our credit and I don’t blame him, that one was a hard one, but we didn’t need it, he got everything off of our credit that needed to go and we got to refinance our beautiful home, instead of losing it. Matter fact we took more time doing our side then he did his ! He was funny , laid back, yet stern and wanting to get things done, like he knew they needed to be. We literally called him last minute. He went above and beyond and I could not thank him enough. He knew exactly where to send me to get credit help as well, when it came time gain some history. I will and do suggest him to everyone who asks me !”

Brittani S.

“Started off with some horrible credit. I never thought I’d be able to get a credit card, not secured, qualify for a home, or even get a new car with a great price. My scores are definitely working their way up. So far there is a 200 score difference! Nathan is great! Has help me out a lot and explained to me everything and answered all the questions I had! Thank you Nathan. ”

Katii M.

“I was referred to White Jacobs and Associates by a longtime friend and trustworthy source at Primesource Mortgage to assist me with cleaning up my credit so that I could purchase a home after my wedding next year. Before I contacted this company I had exhausted all efforts to resolve my credit issues and I had pretty much given up hope of ever being able to purchase a home, which was frustrating to say the least and definitely put a damper on my excitement about being newly engaged. I have been working with Will for a little over a month now to resolve some old student loan issues that I previously had no hope of clearing up and I have been extremely pleased with the results so far. All of the costs associated with their services are very reasonable and they are very upfront & honest about the process every step of the way. Will has also been great about communicating with me and following up on details to ensure that my needs as a customer have not only been met, but exceeded. I would definitely say that this is a reputable company and I would highly recommend White Jacobs and Associates to anyone looking to resolve consumer debt and/or credit related issues whether they be typical or out of the ordinary like mine.”

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