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Debt Settlement

debt settlement

Debt can be overwhelming and without a clear understanding on the different ways you can deal with it can make hard times seem harder than they need to be. WJA is able to access your situation, goals and credit to determine your best route.

What is Debt Settlement/Negotiation?

Debt settlement is paying an outstanding debt for less than the owed amount. Prior to the FTC ruling against Debt Settlement Organizations in 2010 to stop charging upfront fees to consumers before the actual work is completed. This put a big halt to the Debt Settlement scandal that was breaking out.

First, a company should never tell you to stop paying your bills when you’re current on them. Second, you can settle debts easily on your own. Some collection agencies will take advantage of a misinformed consumer by;

Most people will settle debts before exploring other avenues. WJA will settle a client’s debt only after exploring all alternative avenues to resolve a negative reporting debt being reported to a credit bureaus.
WJA suggest submitting your information or calling today for a no-cost credit evaluation to determine your best options. We’re here to help.

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