debt settlement

Having large amounts of debt can take away your hope and seem overwhelming. Without a clear understanding of the different ways you can deal with it, hard times seem harder than they need to be. The experts at White Jacob & Associates are able to assess your situation, goals, and credit to determine the best route for you.


Debt settlement is paying an outstanding debt for less than the owed amount. Prior to the FTC ruling against Debt Settlement Organizations in 2010, these companies would take advantage of consumers and in most cases without their knowledge.

First, a company should never tell you to stop paying your bills when you’re current on them.

Second, most settlement companies will not tell you that you can attempt to settle debts on your own.

Third, in most cases, these companies left their clients in a worse position than when they began.

Adding to the storm of frustration, confusion and high fees, some collection agencies will take advantage of a misinformed consumer by…

  • Settling debts for a less amount and illegally leaving the remaining balance reporting the credit bureaus.
  • Not changing any information that is being reported to the credit bureaus.
  • Not report that it’s “paid” – either; “as agreed” or “settled for less amount owed”.
  • Not removing the account; if agreed to do so.

Our competitors will settle debts before exploring other readily available avenues. However, White Jacobs and Associates offers professional settlement services on a client’s debt only after exploring all other alternative avenues of resolving a negative debt being reported to the credit bureaus.

Your charged-off accounts could be holding you back from attaining your goals, but debt settlement could help satisfy your creditors for less than you owe them. This could help you avoid expensive lawsuits and judgments and could aid you in a shortened path to becoming debt free.

The first step to relief is submitting your information online or calling us for your FREE credit evaluation to determine the best options to get you moving towards achieving your goals!

We are here to help.