Upside-Down Car Loans

Unlike houses, automobiles decrease value, also known as depreciation. This is normal and is something you should factor into your car purchasing decisions. This article will help you plan for your car purchase so you are protecting yourself as much as possible from getting too over-extended in this financial situation.

FICO Score vs VantageScore

It is important to know the difference between the two commonly used credit scoring models. These scores can vary greatly and knowing ‘why’ will help you be prepared whenever dealing with all decisions that are affected by your credit scores.

What is good credit score

Credit repair Basics What is a good credit score? The simple answer to what is a good credit score depends on what you’re pulling it for. What you’re looking to do with your credit will determine how your score is calculated. Meaning, if you’re looking to…

Lexington law

Us vs. Them Lexington Law vs. White, Jacobs & Associates There are obvious differences between credit repair companies like Lexington Law and the national credit restoration organization White, Jacobs & Associates (“WJA”). When comparing marketing…

How to build credit

Credit, better known as debt, makes the world go round; especially for Americans. Everything from obtaining a credit card to purchasing a new car to purchasing a new home; lenders make their lending decisions based on the credit worthiness of the borrower based on their credit scores and ratings.