Mortgage Approval Support Services

We help mortgage brokers close more loans.


Borrowers with less-than-perfect credit have trouble qualifying for a decent mortgage. We help them get their buying power back.

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White, Jacobs and Associates offers an aggressive alternative to traditional credit repair and debt settlement. Over the course of several years we have developed a strategic system for getting clients approved for new home loans or refinancing regardless of having bad credit. This process is known amongst mortgage lenders as MASS – Mortgage Approval Support Services.

We help mortgage and real estate professionals by improving their client’s credit.

White Jacobs and Associates gives prospective borrowers the necessary tools to secure a home loan when their credit has fallen short. The lender strengthens their own credibility while building a pipeline of potential borrowers who would have otherwise been turned away.

Some of the services we provide

  • credit report evaluations
  • no obligation credit consultation
  • client credit education
  • attorney based credit restoration
  • assist client to establish new line(s) of credit
  • dispute code removal
  • debt negotiation and debt settlement*

*Debt settlement / debt negotiations are a separate cost outside of credit restoration services.