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We operate quite differently from traditional credit companies. Read below to learn more.

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You need your buying power back.

We understand how frustrating it can be.

Getting approved for a home. Qualifying for a large purchase or refinance. Avoiding high-interest rates.

These are life-changing events.

That’s why you need a company that’s committed to changing your life through credit. That’s our mission.

We don’t just send dispute letters.

This is what most credit repair companies do. They send out generic dispute letters and hope for the best. You could do that yourself. That’s not what we do here at WJA.

We understand your urgency. Sending out dispute letters month after month typically gets poor results. And it can take a long time.

By using our investigative research team and our in-house law firm – we actually AUDIT creditors through 4 rounds of a customized process we’ve engineered ourselves. That’s one reason why we get results where other companies fall short. From start to finish, the process lasts a maximum of 6 months and we typically see results in the first 30-45 days.

One-on-one attention.

White Jacobs & Associates pairs you with your personal credit analyst. Your assigned credit expert guides you through the whole process. With other companies, you’ll talk to a different customer service representative every time. No one knows your entire story. No one knows your journey. With WJA, your credit analyst is with you from start to finish. Wouldn’t you rather work with a company that centers the whole process around YOU?

And that’s just the beginning.

A customized process.

To get real results, you need a customized process. We have exactly that. Our investigative research team evaluates your situation and customizes a gameplan specifically for your credit situation. We go after all the negative/inaccurate items on your report through 4 rounds of audits. Not just credit bureaus, but creditors as well. Read about the details of our process here.

Unlike the “other” guys, we don’t just send out dispute letters. Part of the reason we’re so successful is that we take action based on the responses we receive back from the bureaus and creditors. Customization get results.

Thinking about hiring
the $100-a-month guys?

Think again.

There’s plenty of them out there … Lexington Law … Sky Blue ……

These companies charge you an ongoing, never-ending monthly fee. It’s better for them if you DON’T get results quick. In fact, the longer you stay on their program, the more money they make. That’s bad news for you.

We don’t do that.

The entire process with WJA takes a maximum of 6 months. Typically, our clients start to see results within the first 30-45 days. Once we look at your credit report, we’ll be able to set the right expectations.

And we saved the best for last.

Our process is attorney-backed. That’s right. We have an in-house attorney that backs our audits. Ask any of the “other” credit repair guys if they do that. When we go after the derogatory items on your report, our attorney-engaged letters carry serious weight.

So … how much does this cost?

Don’t worry. It’s affordable. During your no-cost credit evaluation & consultation, we’ll determine your potential for success in the program. We don’t want to waste your money. If we expect to get good results, we will tell about the investment involved and work with your financial situation.

Shelley S.

…Because of Elizabeth’s hard work, I am ready to make an offer on a home. I could not have done this without her. – 5☆ Google Review

Alyssa K.

…Nathan was able to bring my score from a 520 to a 740 in just a few months. He always kept me up to date on how things were progressing. So excited to be able to buy a house! – 5☆ Google Review

Lacey C.

…There was so much bad credit and past mistakes I figured maybe a few things would come off, but no! They were able to get things removed that I never thought possible! It’s really amazing, I am so thankful for Steve – 5☆ Google Review

Susan C.

… I was extremely skeptical about enrolling and putting my trust and giving total control to a “credit repair” company, because like many others, I to have heard so many horror stories. But after reading some of the unbelievable reviews about White Jacobs I decide to take a leap of faith and go for it. – 5☆ Google Review

Jacob R.

… Derek set the expectations for the process upfront and a few months later everything that was expected has gone accordingly. My credit has tremendously improved which allows me the ability to make choices when obtaining financed vs. being only given the terms I qualify for. – 5☆ Google Review

The Quick 1-2-3-

3 Easy Steps

No-Cost Consultation

We’re easy to talk to. Your credit analyst will review your credit report and come up with a specific plan of action. We won’t bring you into the program unless we believe we’ll have a good chance of success.

We Get to Work

As soon as you’re signed up, we start the 1st round of audits. The program lasts a maximum of 6 months, however, we usually start to see results within the first 45-60 days. That’s exciting.

Enjoy the Results

An increased credit score can change your life. After the program, it’s time to enjoy the success! You will also walk away with knowledge on how to maintain and build good credit for the future.

You are taking a step in
the right direction.

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