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Haltom City is a diverse city with a positively rated housing market, public school system, and it’s generally great for families. So if you are thinking of settling in Haltom City, TX, we can’t blame you. But getting the keys to your new home or leasing an apartment doesn’t arrive without challenges. One of those obstacles is your payment history. So if you want to seem financially responsible to home sellers and landlords, you need experience-led credit repair in Haltom City.

And White, Jacobs and Associates offers just that. Our team of pros helps you boost your credit score and seize your buying power back.

credit repair Haltom City TX

Why Are Credit Scores So Important?

Credit scores are the sum of all the items found on your credit reports. Yes, you have multiple credit reports (and scores) because multiple nationwide credit bureaus calculate them.

A credit score is a three-digit number that depends on your payment history and which calculation model the credit bureaus use. The most often used models are FICO and VantageScore.

For example, the FICO model ranks your score between 300 and 850. And here are its categories:
● Poor credit: 300-629
● Fair credit: 630-689
● Good credit: 690-719
● Excellent credit: 720-850

As we mentioned above, credit scores affect many facets of one’s life. Not just leasing or buying a place, but taking out a mortgage, getting approved for a loan, purchasing a car, and other things. Banks and other lenders are not eager to lend money to those individuals who don’t seem trustworthy. And even if they are willing to lend money to them, they most certainly won’t give them a favorable interest rate.

Thus, a good credit score means you will seem more reliable to debtors and financial institutions, and you will be able to avoid exorbitant interest rates.

That’s why White, Jacobs and Associates works hard and aggressively to provide you with good credit repair in Haltom City, TX.

A Sneak Peek at WJA’s Credit Repair Process in Haltom City

We got into this business to offset some of the negative consequences of our more traditional counterparts. While they provide inefficient services in exchange for your hard-earned money, we do things a little differently.

Sure, disputing derogatory items is part of any process. This step is vital because many of these financial players wrongfully and mistakenly report negative items to credit bureaus, who then add these items to your credit report. And that causes your credit score and buying power to take a dip.

But conventional repair companies stop here. At White, Jacobs and Associates, this is just the beginning of our process. After we devise a customized repair plan for your needs and send out dispute letters, we get more aggressive.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, our alternative and aggressive approach means that we have a team of investigative researchers that are ready to audit unresponsive creditors and collection agencies. This is the powerhouse that separates us from traditional companies. The Investigative Research (IR) team uses consumer credit laws to respond back to creditors during each step of the process. That’s why we ask you to send any correspondence directly to us. We respond accordingly!

As you can probably guess, this yields more results than just mailing out disputes (or automated ones). We send creditors and collection agencies into panic mode, and they spring into action as we apply escalated pressure during our program process. And that is how White, Jacobs and Associates does credit repair in Haltom, TX.

And we’re still not done. After we remove negative items from your credit reports, we educate you on adding positive items to your reports. Our experts lead you through the basics of financially responsible habits, credit utilization, as well as dealing with credit card debt and installment debt. That way, we set you up for long-term success.

credit repair Haltom City TX

Get Your Life Back on Track in Just 6 Months

Did you know that amateur credit repair Haltom City agencies can stretch out their credit restoration programs for over a year? And they will justify it by charging you an ongoing hefty monthly sum! The longer you stay in the program, the more you pay.

When you pair up with White, Jacobs and Associates, you are just 180 days (max) from a brighter future. Our program begins with a free private assessment with our credit analyst expert. Then, they develop your personalized credit repair plan. Then, they set the gears in motion.

From that moment, you can expect calls from frenzied debtors and changes in your credit reports. These usually happen after 45-60 days, and many clients report substantial improvements in credit scores after 2-3 months!

Your personalized repair program will be over in just 6 months (or sooner), leaving you with a higher credit score and with the knowledge to handle your finances in the future.

Start Over Today – Book a Free Credit Repair Assessment in Haltom City with WJA

Don’t wait around for a competent credit repair company to come your way. Book your free council today with White, Jacobs and Associates. Our dedicated credit analysts and investigators are primed and ready to act on your behalf and bring your credit score to new heights!

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