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More and more businesses keep opening in North Richland Hills every day. The city itself has received numerous awards over the last couple of years, including a Silver Award for Creative Financing and a Bronze Award for Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse. On top of that, North Richland Hills, TX is ranked 10th in the US on a list of best places to start a business. Naturally, if you don’t already live in this amazing place, you probably want to. An average price of a single-family home in this city exceeds $400,000. To get a place of your own, you’ll need a decent loan and an acceptable interest rate. That’s why you wouldn’t want to waste any time or money on useless, scammy companies that offer quick credit repair services in North Richland Hills.

But what can you do if bad credit is holding you back? We have a solution to your problem.

credit repair north richland hills TX

We Can Help You With Credit Repair

We are White, Jacobs and Associates, and we are an experienced credit repair company with the best services in North Richland Hills.

We bet you already met some of our competitors. They promise instant credit score improvements, but all they do is send automated dispute letters. And guess what? They never help you restore a poor credit score. They’re just buying time, trying to get as many monthly fees out of you as they can.

Suffice it to say they’re not thinking outside the box. They’re doing exactly what you could do for free. Don’t buy into it. At WJA, we do things differently. We believe in a firm hand and an aggressive approach to removing negative items from your credit reports. How do we achieve that? Our credit repair services are attorney-backed, meaning we have an in-house law firm dedicated to building a case against your creditors.

Our clients often wonder if it’s a bit too much. Not at all! In fact, it’s the best method of getting rid of negative credit. To fight creditors and collection agencies, you need a team of lawyers well-versed in every consumer law out there. And we’ve got them. If you’re looking for the best credit repair North Richland Hills has to offer, it’s us.

What Is Bad Credit?

Bad credit is the result of negative items on your credit reports. What the credit repair services do is try and get those negative items off your reports in an attempt to improve your score.

According to the FICO scoring model, payment history makes up 35% of your total credit. If you have bad credit, it’s likely due to late payments that show up in your payment history.

One of the other common reasons is high credit utilization. It means you’re maxing out your credit cards, and that your credit balance is almost always close to the limit. A credit mix is also important – the more active accounts of different types you have (car loans, student loans, revolving credit, etc) the better the credit. Likewise, if you have only one account, it will look bad.

The length of credit history also comes to mind. Having an open and active account for a long time shows you have a good history of managing it (unless you’re missing payments). Lacking credit history or credit age looks bad on you.

Accounts that have been sent to collection agencies also harm your credit score.

How to Improve Credit Score?

For starters, you can start making timely payments and improving the credit mix. Of course, it would be very helpful if you could lower credit utilization. Just because you have credit available doesn’t necessarily mean you should use it.

But, your actions can only get you so far. Negative items such as missed payments or bankruptcy can stay on your credit reports for about seven years. That’s too long of a period for you to simply wait it out. Timely payments will contribute to a higher score, but you are going to need some outside help.

The credit repair services in North Richland Hills can help you out. At WJA, we have some of the most experienced credit repair specialists in the entire industry. We go after all the questionable negative items on your reports. On top of that, we audit your creditors and collection agencies, demanding they prove that they have the right to report these items to the credit bureaus.

credit repair north richland hills TX

How Much Do Credit Repair Services in North Richland Hills Cost?

Credit repair services are not expensive at all. In fact, customers pay $64 on average for such services in North Richland Hills.

But there’s a huge difference in the results you get. Other companies try and get you to pay indefinitely. One month after another, they collect their fee as long as you’re willing to pay.

At WJA, you can even get a no-cost consultation with our expert credit analysts. Not only that – we also provide you with a timeframe when you can expect to see some results. There are no endless processes with us!

Best Credit Repair in North Richland Hills TX

You’re not always in control of your financials. Life happens. Sometimes it’s a loss of employment, but sometimes, a loss of the loved one. It can all drain you and your funds pretty fast.

That’s why White, Jacobs, and Associates are here. We can help get you back on track, regardless of what’s happened. After all, we are the best credit repair company in North Richland Hills TX. Give us a call.

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