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With the average yearly income higher than the US average, Euless is certainly a great place to settle down. Add the growing career opportunities in the area, and you get a match made in heaven. Not to mention you’re in the Mid-Cities suburban region, the best possible place to get a home in Dallas and Fort Worth area. You may be a good fit for the best credit repair Euless has to offer.

However, staying afloat under current economic circumstances is anything but easy. The pandemic has likely already taken its toll on your financials. You probably already tried to get credit help with one of the traditional credit repair companies, without results. What you need is a company that’s more aggressive about fixing your credit.

Credit Repair Euless TX

Need Help With Credit Repair?

Then talk to our credit analysts at White, Jacobs and Associates for free. We offer the city of Euless credit restoration and put our experienced credit repair teams at your disposal.

Other credit score repair companies put too much stock in outdated and ineffective methods. Not only that but it’s also not in their best interest to actually solve your problem. So long as you keep paying your monthly fees, they’re happy. That’s why they’re content with just sending automated dispute letters and crossing their fingers. And that’s why we refer to them as $100-a-month guys.

At WJA, we consider the “traditional” approach to be not only timid but also largely ineffective. Our credit score repair methods are much more direct and aggressive. We don’t take kindly to creditors and collection agencies that unfairly report your negative items. We go after them in full force with an investigative research team at your side. Our program is also managed by an in-house attorney who oversees the communication performed by our Investigative Research (IR) Team. We offer aggressive credit repair Euless, TX needs.

What’s the Cause of Bad Credit?

It can be any number of things. 35% of your credit score is payment history. That means that late payments can hurt your credit score badly. Payment history shows lenders how good your debt management skills are.

Other factors that affect your credit score besides late payments are the number of open credit accounts, delinquencies, credit utilization, and applying for credit cards. Collections also negatively impact your score too. The more recent they are, the bigger the impact.

Removing negative items is only half the battle. You also need to build POSITIVE credit. Our analysts are able to assess your reports and give personalized suggestions to improve your score even after you go through the credit repair process. Often times, these suggestions can be implemented right away and increase your score relatively quickly.

How WJA Repairs Your Credit

Our 4-step process is designed to get the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. It’s also intentionally and purposefully aggressive, with the goal of showing your creditors we mean business.

We don’t look at just one credit report, but all three of them. We’ll latch onto everything on your credit reports that’s of any interest to us. The creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus will try and reach out to you. You’ll send all correspondence from creditors and bureaus to us so that we can review and respond. We’ll not only dispute questionable negative items on your reports but also audit your creditors.

Then we escalate the process further and get our legal team involved. Don’t let that intimidate you. Consumers often wonder if the situation will become too serious then. But don’t worry – our Investigative Researchers are highly trained to assess and approach the accounts reporting on your credit reports. They’ll identify the proper approach for each of your creditors.

That’s the secret of our success and what allows us to be so aggressive in our approach – we customize our communication for each client based on the accounts listed on their credit report. It’s the only right way to perform credit score repair.

Credit Repair Euless TX

How Long Before You See Results?

That’s another thing that sets us apart from all the other companies. We give you a timeframe to work with.

It depends from case to case, but our clients can expect to see results as early as 45-60 days after initiating the process. A lot of our clients see results within about 2-3 months. At WJA, the process never extends past the 6-month mark. However, if we feel like we can obtain results by extending that time frame to do more work – we will do so without additional charge.

Do I Need Credit Repair in Euless?

If you find yourself struggling with a less-than-great credit score with the intention of making a large purchase, then the answer is yes.

A company that offers consumer counseling and repair in Euless will need several things from you before helping you. It’s crucial to review, in detail, credit reports from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Providing all that information is the first step to come up with a game plan.

Choose the Top Credit Repair Company in Euless, TX

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we do everything to help out our clients with financial troubles. Our mission is to be the best in the industry, and we plan to achieve that with experienced credit repair teams that include investigative researchers and credit analysts.

Get in touch with us today and get your buying power back.

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