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A Different Kind of Credit Repair

Have you previously taken out some unwise loans and now have to deal with the effect on your credit score? We’re not judging, the inability to pay off loans on time is something that happens to many people. But, should a few choices made during rough times have such an impact on your credit viability? We don’t believe it should, and this is why WJA is the best credit repair Plano has to offer. 

Here at WJA we take a proactive and aggressive approach to credit repair. Most companies simply send disputes letters and wait for the outcome. This is something you can do yourself, without having to spend extra funds. We understand that you don’t want to wait for years for an undetermined outcome. This is why we have devised specific strategies for any situation.

Credit Repair Plano TX

Credit Repair Plano, TX

We offer experience and expertise. If it’s on your credit report, we’ve seen it before. The best credit repair Plano has should not consist of generic dispute letters. They not only take time, but are more often than not unsuccessful. We will provide you with free credit analysis and offer practical solutions as to how you can improve your credit score.

Once an initial credit analysis is done, we will work with you on finding concrete credit solutions for your given situation. Don’t wait for things to get better on their own. Take matters into your own hands, and allow us to assist you. You are the driver, while we are the Plano credit repair tool you use.

We will provide you with a personal credit analyst. Here at White Jacobs & Associates, we understand that each person’s situation is unique. We will analyze your credit history start to finish, for only when all of the circumstances surrounding your situation are clear, can proper credit repair services be offered.

We will dive into all of the negative or inaccurate items that are on your report. A special research team will do 4 rounds of audits of your report, allowing us to know exactly why your credit score is the way it is. After we have all the data, our experts will know exactly how credit repair is to be done.

Credit Repair Plano, TX

How We Fight for Your Credit Score

We won’t simply contact credit bureaus, but go for creditors as well. You will likely start receiving credit reports from creditors within two weeks. They will often try to have you validate the debts, and we advise you not to communicate back. Send us the reports and let us do our job.

Why hire a Plano credit repair company if you have to do the work? You have rights, and our legal team will work to enforce them. Additionally, the software that creditors and bureaus use to communicate is not ideal, and often leads to miscommunication. Our team of experts will catch these mistakes and help you fix them.

Credit repair is not easy, but a dedicated team of specialists can get the job done. Additionally, we will give you a time frame for how long it will take to repair your credit. Most Plano credit companies are satisfied with a longer process, as they can charge you never-ending fees.

We will improve your credit score within 6 months, or give a detailed explanation as to why it cannot be done. At WJA we don’t string our clients for months-on-end only to give them the bad news. We will either repair your credit, or inform you what other options are available to you ASAP.

We cannot guarantee results, as each situation is unique, but we can guarantee that we will fight our hardest to repair your credit. No other credit repair company takes as much pride in satisfied customers as we do. You are the focus of our whole process and we will go to bat for you.

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