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Are you planning a big purchase in your life? Perhaps your first house or a new car? Or are you looking for ways to jump back from some medical or student loans? No matter what your situation is, you deserve attorney-backed credit repair in Melissa, TX. And our White, Jacobs and Associates (WJA) team of lawyers has the antidote to your problem.

Don’t give your case over to amateur credit repair companies that are not in tune with federal laws. Leave the job to us professionals at WJA.

Credit repair Melissa TX

Traditional Credit Repair vs. Alternative Credit Repair in Melissa, TX

We don’t act as our amateur counterparts. Traditional credit repair Melissa companies only pay attention to profit. Their goal is to prolong your credit repair case for as long as possible. If your case goes on for months and months, that means more money for them!

And their credit repair method? It barely scratches the surface. The main thing these amateur repair agencies do is send out dispute letters to creditors and lenders. They send out hundreds of these.

Why does that have little effect on your credit score? Instead of picking out just questionable negative items on your report, these companies dispute almost everything. Even negative ones that were rightfully listed in the first place. That is a complete time-waster.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we do things with honesty and transparency. When we look at the negative items in your reports, we will single out for disputing just questionable negative entries. We won’t automatically dispute all negative entries since we know that some of them were rightfully included by creditors and lenders.

At WJA, we use an aggressive and alternative approach to mending your credit scores. And our not-so-secret weapon is a team of diligent attorneys. The WJA credit repair program has four rounds. Our attorneys arrive during the 3rd and 4th rounds. They’re always on hand, ready to act if creditors and collection agencies disobey federal law.

Why Doesn’t Every Credit Repair Agency Employ Lawyers?

Creditors and lenders make mistakes more often than they would like to admit. Their mistakes are either the result of a human error or of the reporting software.

So you may be asking yourself why are other credit agencies not pressing them more? Simple – that would bring them less money.

Amateur credit repair agencies in Melissa don’t use lawyers because they don’t need them to achieve their goal – profiting from other people’s misery. And since everyday people are not educated about federal consumer laws, they are not aware that these agencies could help them more easily – they just don’t want to.

Credit repair Melissa TX

How Bad Credit Scores Affects Your Plans

Credit scores are calculations derived from your credit reports. These reports show your payment history, credit card utilization, outstanding loans, and so on. If you don’t have a favorable credit score, that means that lenders and other creditors won’t be that willing to loan you money or give you good interest rates.

That can slow you down in life and make some milestones harder to achieve.

Yes, that can be unfair. If only for the reason that we can’t always control our life. Maybe you lost your job. Or worse, a loved one. That can push you into a spiral of loans and other problems.

Don’t suffer forever because life wasn’t always kind to you. Hit us up today to get your chance at a brighter future. We won’t just help boost your credit scores by removing errors from your credit reports. We will educate you on adding positive points by utilizing financially responsible behavior. That means that WJA doesn’t offer a quick fix. We set you up for life.

When Will My Credit Scores Go Up?

Most of our clients see first improvements after 30 or 45 days of the program’s beginning. But some of them start noticing their scores go up after just 14 days! Unfortunately, this positive change comes with the downside of harassing calls from creditors and lenders. Our advice is to ignore their calls and ask them to communicate with you only via email. Then, forward all the correspondence to us. We’ll deal with them.

WJA’s credit repair process never takes more than 6 months. So that means you are potentially just half a year away from successful credit repair in Melissa, TX.

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At WJA, we work with expertise and diligence. You can see us in action if you book your free assessment today. Sit down with our expert credit analysts and let them devise a genius plan that may just send your credit scores to new heights!

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