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Credit Repair Arlington, TX 

As a city, Arlington, TX is doing better than much of the U.S. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much. Being a principal city in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area has its benefits, but it also means that the cost of housing and daily living is constantly increasing. You need to stake your claim while you are still ahead and your credit score is a huge factor in your financial success. That is why White, Jacobs and Associates is committed to providing the credit repair Arlington, TX deserves.

credit repair Arlington, TX

Your credit score affects every important financial decision you make – it determines the size of the loans and the interest rates you can get. Even landlords and employers can request that information. There is no facet of your life that is not affected by it, so you need to get on top of it >now. WJA is here to help.

We provide coaching on how to organically improve your credit score, while our team of credit experts and researchers works on removing items that negatively affect it. On the face of it, this kind of service doesn’t seem that much different than what you would get from other credit repair companies.

However, we don’t use the same methods that have been used for the past five decades. Your creditors and bureaus have evolved new tactics to retain negative items on your reports, so credit repair services need to evolve, too. Most other companies charge you monthly fees to continually send dispute letters, even after they stop having any effect.

If this was all you were going to get from our services, we’d advise you to do it yourself and save money. Dispute letters have their place, but they are only a fraction of what we do. Don’t waste money on inept companies that will get you nowhere. We have developed a 4-round process that rests on audits from our experienced investigative research (IR) team – this is the only way to properly improve your credit score.

Factors That Affect Your Credit Score 

Let’s quickly explain how everything works – your creditors (banks, credit card companies, lenders, etc.) report your financial transactions to the credit bureaus (the three major ones are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), who compile that information into a report each. Based on the items in the report, you get assigned a credit score. The two main models used to calculate your score are VantageScore and FICO (they both range from 300 to 850).

Your score depends on the amount and weight of positive and negative items you have accumulated. When you borrow money, return it on time, and generally use it responsibly, it improves your credit score. Note that you first need a history of using some kind of installment or revolving credit – if you have no credit history, potential lenders can’t gauge how likely you are to repay the money you take, so it doesn’t help you get a future loan. If you decide to work with us, a credit expert will guide you through the process of adding positive credit.

What Are Negative Items In Your Report? 

A negative item can be almost anything: late payments, student loans, medical collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, charge-offs, etc. Each item has a different weight and a set amount of time it can remain on your report (from 7 to 10 years). At WJA, we have seen everything and know how to remove it. Even mistakes by the bureaus can come up as negative entries and won’t be removed until we press them.

How We Help With Your Credit Score 

By tackling both sides of the equation – teaching you how to add positive credit and removing negative entries. If a company is not doing both, you are not getting the best credit repair Arlington, TX provides. Once you know how to add positive credit, that is something you should continue doing for the rest of your life. Removing items is up to us and is a one-and-done deal – once we finish, you’re good to go.

Improving your score is part science and part art. Each person’s situation is unique, which is why an analyst will study your reports in detail before we start our 4-round process. Based on the analysis we will come up with a general game plan – which items to tackle first, where to put the most pressure, which tactics will be the most effective, etc. As soon as the analysis is done, we go full steam ahead.

In the first and second rounds, we dispute and audit any valid items. Some, but likely not all, items will be removed and the creditors will start contacting you. Forward all communications to us so that we can notate what was removed and analyze their responses. This way we make the audits and disputes more specific and adjust accordingly.

Through our 4 rounds, our highly experienced researchers continue the due diligence. They are the ones who will audit< your creditors and create a strategy to pressure them to oblige. Most creditors fold once they know you have the backing of experienced investigative researchers. If push comes to shove, the law is in your favor when it comes to the protection of the consumer. There are laws that protect you and we mean to leverage them.

The fourth round is clean-up and double-checking E-Oscar (the software creditors and bureaus use to communicate – it often glitches and miscommunication happens). We won’t allow your credit score to be negatively affected because of their mistake. We will go after any items remaining before we finish. On the off chance that tactics outside of our 4-round process will be useful, we’ll employ them at no additional cost.

credit repair Arlington, TX

The Distinction Between Audits and Disputes

You may have noticed that we stress that we do audits at WJA. With dispute letters, the creditors and bureaus interpret whether the information you are disputing is incorrect. With audits, we demand to get all of the relevant information (you have a legal right to this) and we interpret it.

They don’t care about you having a good score. Consequently, they won’t put effort into improving it, even when you are correct. That is why we take the initiative. When they are aware of the legal repercussions and know that we have the information and experience to follow through, negative items suddenly start getting removed. This is what you get with WJA – smart tactics and a hands-on approach.

How Long Should Credit Repair Arlington Take?

The length of the process depends on your situation. We can’t tell you how long it will take for you until we have a look at your reports. However, our program process lasts a maximum of 6 months. Usually, you will start seeing results within the first 45-60 days of hiring us.

What can’t be done within 6 months, most likely can’t be done at all. We have no intention of charging you monthly fees if our services are no longer effective. As soon as we can, we will give you a time-frame for when things should happen. Don’t allow a company to string you along and charge you for years on end. Demand results.

We Will Explain Everything in Detail 

With WJA, you know what you are paying for. You will be included at each step of the process. We assert that WJA is the best credit repair Arlington, TX has and are not afraid to prove it. Contact us and arrange a free consultation to learn what we can do for you.


Our mission is to get your buying power back and we mean to do it now.

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