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    Financial tools for building credit, monitoring credit, and more.


    We are affiliated with a few partners that we recommend. All affiliate proceeds go to WJA Resources, Inc – our non-profit organization.

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    About WJA Resources

    Changing your life through credit can often require tools. Financial tools such as credit cards can, if used properly, enable you to build positive credit history. WJA Resources is a non-profit organization that connects people with the tools they need to take action. Below you’ll find a few resources that we’ve partnered with to help you succeed



    A $5000 revolving credit line (that reports to all 3 Bureaus) for anyone who gets approved. Visit partner


    Tri-merge credit reports needed for an in-depth credit analysis and credit monitoring. Visit partner


    Rent reporting for the purpose of building installment credit history. Visit partner

    Legal Shield

    Legal Advice and identity theft protection for long term security and peace of mind. Visit partner

    New Coast Direct

    Revolving line of credit (2 Bureaus) with ability to add authorized user. Visit partner

    Did You Know

    Payment history makes up about 35% of your credit history. It’s critical to make your payments on time. The credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) use credit history as part of their algorithm to determine your credit score.