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Looking for the best credit repair in Watauga, TX? Great choice, seeing how this suburb is one of the best places to live in Texas. Most residents who live in this pleasant rural area own their homes, and if you’re looking to become one of those homeowners, then it’s a good idea to get your credit score in order.

A good credit score means owning your buying power. In other words, making a big purchase or getting better interest rates is more likely. If your credit score is too low at the moment, you need expert help for credit repair in Watauga. And that is exactly what White, Jacobs and Associates is skilled in. Even in these turbulent times, we can help you get back on track.

Credit Repair Watauga TX

What Does a Good Credit Score Bring?

Your credit score is a window into your financial responsibility. The bigger the number, the bigger your chances of:
● Getting approved for a large loan
● Getting a fair interest rate on a loan

But how does a credit score get determined in the first place? Credit bureaus calculate your credit score and grade you in the 300-850 range. For reference, 300 is the lowest credit score, and 850 is the highest one.

Creditors, lenders, and even landlords and employees use these numbers to assess how financially trustworthy you are. They can do so because, apart from your score, they can also look at your payment history in your credit reports.

But – plot twist – lenders and creditors aren’t really that interested in approving a loan to someone who has a good credit score. True, they need to know you’re trustworthy enough to pay back the loan. But, the better your score, the better the interest rate lenders have to give you. And while this suits you and saves you thousands of dollars, it does not suit the lender.

So, to navigate this fine line, you need expert credit repair help that White, Jacobs and Associates offers.

How Does Low Credit Score Happen?

Even a few points can place you in a category of unfavorable credit. And you’re not always to blame. Unpredictable times such as these bring unexpected economic challenges to us all. Also, sometimes the bureaus and creditors themselves make mistakes and mistakenly report negative items on your credit.

Other times, you’re the one that unintentionally dropped the ball. Perhaps you went through a tough situation that left you dealing with repossessions, unpaid loans, foreclosures, and so on. While unpleasant, these events shouldn’t mark you for the rest of your life. We’re allowed to make mistakes and learn how to be more financially responsible from them.

Whether your low credit score is due to someone’s mistake or your own, here’s what’s most important – your current poor score doesn’t have to mean that your buying power is out of your reach forever.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we mend your financial status in two crucial ways:
● We erase negative entries from your credit scores.
● We teach you how to add positive entries to your credit scores.

Higher Credit Score in Just 6 Months with Credit Repair Watauga

The consumer credit service industry is full of agencies using ineffective methods. At White, Jacobs & Associates, we developed a successful game plan, thanks to our team of credit analysts, partnered attorneys, and investigative researchers. So, instead of going the traditional automated-dispute-letter road used by amateur agencies, we achieve long-term results.

Here is how we do it – we begin by disputing all questionable entries on your credit reports. Panicked creditors and collection agencies will start calling you but we suggest that you ask them to send everything by postal mail. After 45-60 days, you will probably start noticing a change in your credit reports. That means the credit repair process is in full force ahead.

Credit Repair Watauga TX

Then we get to the 2nd round of our famed 4-round process. It resembles the 1st round, but the audits and disputes are more detailed. Again, it’s absolutely critical for you to forward all the mail you receive from them, so we can further plan the 3rd round. This is why our Investigative Research Team is so critical. An important part of our process is to review responses so we know how to craft our next attempt.

In this round, our partnered attorney team gets involved. If needed, we build a case against creditors and bureaus that violated federal laws. Those creditors and bureaus are pressured to respond to our team. The White, Jacobs & Associates team saves those responses in preparation for the 4th round.

The final round consists of us not only diligently pursuing the creditors and bureaus in question but any remaining ones, as well. Also, we make them provide adequate validation instead of giving up when we receive common stall tactics. These stall tactics are common. Often times, the creditor will send responses that are clearly designed to discourage additional communication. But we persist.

The White, Jacobs & Associates credit repair method takes six months maximum. That’s a far cry from the months and months other credit repair Watauga agencies take, just for the sake of making more money off you.

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White, Jacobs and Associates is on the mission of offering the best credit repair in Watauga. Book your free consultation today and meet 1-on-1 with our expert credit analysts. Settle in this suburban Texas haven the best way possible – with a healthy credit score!

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