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Even with the tumultuous time rocking the world at large, the small town of Anna, TX, has a lot going for it. With its diverse community, above-average public schools, and a favorable housing market, it may just be the place where you should build your future. But for you to enjoy the perks of this quaint rural town as much as its other residents, you need to find the best credit repair in Anna, TX.

Having good-to-great credit scores is imperative for any US adult. If you’re currently struggling with a low credit score, then a top-tier credit repair company such as White, Jacobs, and Associates may hold the answer to your woes.

credit repair Anna TX

Why Should I Fix My Credit Scores Before Making Big Decisions?

Your credit score is a magic number. It’s responsible for opening the doors to a tremendous amount of financial opportunities. But if your credit score is on the lower end of the spectrum, you may find those doors closed shut.

Credit scores are the result of the financial information found in your credit reports. That means that late payments, credit utilization, bankruptcies, mortgages, and other data are all gathered in these reports.

Lenders, sellers, and potential employers can all take a look at your credit reports. You need to have a good credit score before you apply for another mortgage or make big purchases. Even potential employers may use your credit score to assess your potential. Your score tells others if you can make payments on time, what kind of interest rate you qualify for, and if you are an overall responsible individual.

Two Main Ways of Calculating Credit Scores

There isn’t just one formula for calculating a credit score. Different models are used, with the most well-known ones being the FICO and VantageScore models.

For instance, FICO generally takes into accounts these elements:
Payment history – Lenders are always more ready to lend to you if you make payments on time. This factor takes up 35% of the overall credit score calculated.
Amounts owed – A high balance can hurt your chances of a loan. Lenders prefer that you use less than 30 percent of your accessible credit. This factor takes up 30% of the overall credit score calculated.
Credit history length – Lenders will also prefer those debtors who have a long history of credit utilization. This factor takes up 15% of the overall credit score calculated.
Type of credit – Mixed credit usage is a plus. That means that different loan types – such as auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages – will work in your favor. This factor takes up 10% of the overall credit score calculated.
Credit inquiries – If you have applied for multiple credit accounts in a short period, lenders may see you as a risk. This factor takes up 10% of the overall credit score calculated.

The overall number FICO calculates falls into the 300-850 range. Your numbers have to be at least 660 or more to have good credit scores.

If your credit scores dipped, there’s still hope, but you will need experts to help you navigate the murky waters of credit repairs and disputes. You need the best credit repair Anna, TX, has to offer. And that’s what we offer at White, Jacobs and Associates.

At White, Jacobs & Associates, we use our successful repair method for removing negative entries from our clients’ reports, thus nursing their credit scores back to health.

credit repair Anna TX

Credit Repair in Anna, TX Done the White Jacobs & Associates Way: A Rundown

While some credit repair agencies will take on your case knowing they can’t help you, White, Jacobs & Associates lets you know straight away if our team can boost your credit score and gives you a timeframe for the whole process.

Our credit repair program begins with us taking a deep dive into your credit reports. One of our expert credit analysts will speak to you at length and devise a customized credit restoration plan. When you pass the assessment and get your customized game plan, then it’s time for us to get to work. You will forward us any correspondence you may get from lenders and collection agencies when they realize we’re on their case.

Meanwhile, we’ll be working hard, not just by sending dispute letters but by doing thorough follow-ups. That means that we will be asking creditors and collection agencies for proof that they have legal rights to report the negative entries we saw in your credit reports. We demand proof that they have the right to report these items that drag your score down.

That’s right. We have an Investigative Research Team ready to build a strategy against those financial players who don’t want to play fair. That is usually enough for creditors and collection agencies to admit defeat and remove the questionable items from your credit reports. Other traditional credit repair Anna agencies rarely take these steps. They’re limited to sending out generic (and often automated) disputes.

How Long Until My Credit Score is Fixed?

Although our results don’t take long to show up (45-60 days), many of our clients begin noticing positive changes in their credit scores after only 45-60 days.No matter when the results begin to come through, the White, Jacobs & Associates method never takes over 6 months. Our team of investigators, credit analysts, and attorneys devised this quick and effective method.

How Do I Book My Credit Repair Assessment in Anna, TX?

Not only is booking a White, Jacobs & Associates assessment easy – but it’s also free! Book your free consultation today and meet 1-on-1 with your assigned expert credit analyst.

Don’t sit around waiting for your credit score to go up magically. Get in touch today and begin your journey toward long-term credit health with the help of White, Jacobs and Associates.

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