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Hurst, TX, is considered one of the best places to live in Texas. With its median home price of $280,700, it’s below the national median price of $374,900. So it’s no wonder people are often looking for a good agency for credit repair in Hurst. But there are other reasons, as well.

Having a healthy credit score is more important than ever, seeing how US citizens may be facing another recession. Turbulent economic times can take over control of our credit scores and lower our buying power. What matters the most is taking active measures to nurse our credit score to health. That’s where White, Jacobs and Associates steps in with its Investigative Research team and experienced credit analysts.

credit repair Hurst TX

Why Do I Have a Low Credit Score on My Report?

We’ve already mentioned that financial circumstances are sometimes out of our control due to an unpredictable economy. And at other times, our credit score takes a hit because of a mistake made by one of the three big nationwide credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).

But a low credit score may also be caused by a poor mix of credit, a high credit utilization ratio, or a missed payment.

No matter the cause, you should check your credit reports regularly to keep track of your credit score. Because even a few points can make a difference between you being placed in the ‘poor’ or ‘good’ credit score category. And while a few points not sound like much to you, it can actually make a difference of thousands of dollars when negotiating for a favorable interest rate with lenders. It can also mean rejection from potential employers and landlords.

Because, yes, your payment history is a window into your financial responsibility that a loan officer, car dealership, landlord, or even employer can use to evaluate you.

Therefore, before you make the jump into a huge life decision, check your credit reports and scores. You might just need credit repair to be deemed favorable for that milestone you’re chasing. And at WJA, we offer the best credit repair in Hurst, Texas.

But Can’t I Repair My Credit Score on My Own?

Could you restore your credit score yourself? In theory, yes, but you’re not well-versed in consumer laws like our Investigative Research Team – you may find yourself ghosted by creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus. You may see some results, but you’d be selling yourself short without leveraging the experience of a reputable credit restoration firm.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, credit repair means diligently removing negative entries from your credit scores and teaching you how to add positive entries to your reports.

The murky waters of credit bureaus and agencies are full of sharks. That’s why you need help from a team of transparent professionals who not only help you short-term, but educate you on financially responsible behavior.

credit repair Hurst TX

The Best Credit Repair Method Hurst Has to Offer

Right off the bat, we treat you with honesty and transparency. After you sign up for a free consultation, we pair you with one of our experienced credit experts. Their first task is to speak with you to determine if you’re a good fit for our program. Instead of going the usual route of other credit repair companies who take on every case that comes their way, we’re not interested in wasting your hard-earned money. We tell you upfront if we can help you or not. If we can, we get down to business and create a customized restoration plan for your needs.

We forgo the other methods our competitors use, as well. Those companies start and end their repair program by sending automated dispute letters to lenders and collection agencies. They have no persistence and rarely do anything else to help your case. Such repair agencies just drain you of your money for months while sending out generic letters. They have no incentive to get results quickly because you’re paying every month. The longer you stay in their program, the more money you pay.

At WJA, we don’t stop at these disputes. We wait for the collection agencies and creditors to respond to our letters. The next phase involves audits and our thorough Investigative Research (IR) team. They know federal consumer laws like the back of their hands. That means they are fully aware that many of these agencies and lenders have no right to report certain negative entries to credit bureaus.

Our Investigative Research team starts asking the agencies and creditors for proof that they have the right to make these reports. Our 3rd and 4th rounds are geared to apply heavy pressure on creditors.

All of these steps are part of our carefully crafted 4-round process that uses professionalism, transparency, and dedication to results.

The Fastest Credit Repair Program in Texas

Apart from having an outstanding success rate (just check out our reviews), did you know that some of our clients start seeing improvements in their credit scores in just 45-60 days? On average, clients see substantial results within 2-3 months.

And when everything is said and done, our program is over in six months or less. In other words, you are just 180 days away from the better future you were dreaming of.

Get a Free 1-on-1 Assessment Today!

At White, Jacobs, and Associates, we know every financial case is different. That’s why we employ time and experience to help you get back on track. Book us today for a free assessment and get the best expert credit repair in Hurst, Texas.

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