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Woodlands is one of the best places in Texas to work and build a future. Job opportunities are on the constant rise, and the area keeps attracting large companies such as Lexicon Pharmaceuticals and Chevron Phillips. But most of all, Woodlands is a beautiful master-planned community, making it a highly sought-after destination among families.

Getting a mortgage loan for a place in Woodlands won’t be an easy task, though. Depending on your credit score, the interest rates on any mortgage loans you take out might be too steep. It’s crucial you improve the score before attempting to get a loan for your dream house in Woodlands, TX. You need credit repair.

Credit Repair Woodlands TX

Need Help With Credit Repair?

With the credit repair industry in shambles, it’s hard to find competent help these days. Most of these repair companies try the usual traditional methods to fix your credit. Sending automated dispute letters is the best they’ve got. Suffice it to say it’s not nearly enough to improve your score.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we take great pride in being much different from the rest of the credit repair industry. That’s how WJA started in the first place – as a response to all the inefficiencies of the industry.

We take the traditional approach and make it considerably more aggressive. Wonder how? The answer is – with the help of our in-house law firm. At WJA, we provide the attorney-backed credit repair Woodlands, TX needs in these trying times.

The attorney-backed method is quite aggressive, but we found it’s the only way to truly fix your credit score. Our lawyers build a case against your creditors and collection agencies. We fight for your better tomorrow together.

How Long Will You Need to Fix My Credit?

Fraudulent credit repair companies will often try and bill you for their “services’ for as long as they can. The process can extend for up to two years with little to no results. Even if there aren’t any results to show, the company will bill you for their “hard” work. It’s not in their best interest to solve your problems in a timely manner.

Such companies operate with the wrong incentives. They represent the current state of the credit repair industry, and it’s dissapointing. If a company can’t give you an estimated timeframe when you can expect to see results, get up and walk out the door. The odds are they’re trying to scam you and get you to pay indefinitely.

That’s not how WJA does things. A consultation with our credit analysts costs nothing. When we review your credit reports, we’ll be honest about what we can do to help you. If we think we can help your case, we’ll let you know when you can expect to see some real results.

After we initiate the process, it usually takes 45-60 days to see some real results. Our clients sometimes report seeing improvements in their reports as early as 1-2 months. It will never take longer than six months!

Good Credit Score – What is It?

A credit score is a summary of all the items on your credit reports. It shows how reliable and trustworthy you are as a borrower. Financial institutions use this information to decide whether or not to give you a loan or approve new credit cards.

Timely payments, lengthy credit history, and a good credit mix all help build your credit score. On the other hand, high credit utilization or late payment can hurt the score. Make sure your credit reports show you’re dependable as a borrower.

What your credit score is going to depend on who’s doing the scoring and which scoring model they’re using. The two most common scoring models are FICO and VantageScore. Since the former is frequently used by lenders, we’ll focus on that one.

In the FICO scoring model, your score can range from 300 to 850. It breaks down as follows:

● Bad credit: 300-629
● Fair credit: 630-689
Good credit: 690-719
● Excellent credit: 720-850

So long as your credit score is above 690, you can consider your credit score as good.

Why Hire Attorney-Backed Credit Repair Company?

You have the right to try and dispute the negative items yourself. But don’t expect much – creditors and collection agencies won’t take you seriously. They’re experts at what they do, which is why you need a professional team yourself.

As we mentioned, traditional repair companies are just a waste of time. Their goal is to spam the creditors and hope the receiver misses one of the letters. That’s what a high percentage of traditional companies do. The results? Poor to non-existent.

However, when you hire an attorney-backed credit repair company, your chances of improving credit scores skyrocket. No one knows the consumer laws better than lawyers themselves. With attorneys at your side, no creditor will be able to avoid removing questionable negative items from your reports.

It takes an aggressive approach, a lot of pressure, and an intimate knowledge of consumer laws to get creditors and collection agencies to concede. You get all that with an in-house law firm.

Get Credit Repair in Woodlands, TX

Contact White, Jacobs and Associates to get credit repair in Woodlands, TX. And not just any kind of repair – you get all the benefits of attorney-backed credit repair. Give our credit analysts a call at no cost, and get your buying power back.

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