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If you ever wanted to live in a modern suburban area in Texas, now’s your chance. Kingwood is already a diverse area both ethnically and economically. Experts claim that the financial future of Kingwood is exceedingly bright, so get ready to see the already impressive economy improve even more. So if you’re credit situation isn’t looking great – you need a fast, effective, and reputable credit repair company in Kingwood, TX.

Most of the people living in Kingwood own their homes. You could be the next resident of the sublime Kingwood, Texas. However, like most other people in the current economic climate, you feel that you probably won’t get a home loan. We can help you with that.

credit repair Kingwood TX

We Know the Law

Other companies promise you the stars and the moon but the actual results leave much to be desired. Their automated dispute letters are ineffective at removing negative items from your credit. These $100-a-month guys, as we call them, don’t provide one-on-one credit coaching, let alone fix your credit.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we know what it takes to get your credit in order. Bad credit happens – what matters to us at WJA is fixing it, not placing blame. We also know that automated disputes solve nothing. They’re a way for all the amateurs in the credit repair industry to make a quick buck without doing much of anything. Our methods go beyond that, and our experienced credit repair teams are there to ensure you see results.

But most importantly, we know the law. A part of the secret of our success is an in-house law firm. Our lawyers make sure that your rights as a consumer have not been violated. WJA is the expert credit repair Kingwood, TX needs.

How Does Credit Repair Work?

In short, you can take care of your bad credit by removing negative items from the three credit reports. The negative items can stay on your reports for approximately seven years. That’s a long period of time during which your credit will only suffer.

The cause of these negative items? Late or missed payments, accounts being sent to collection agencies, or bankruptcies. Hard inquiries can cause additional issues since they count as negative items on the reports. They stay there for about two years.

You can try to dispute the negative items yourself. The consumer law permits it. However, creditors and collection agencies may not take you seriously. They will just assume you know nothing about consumer laws. Of course, you’re trying to get your credit score up sooner than later. As we said, going the traditional round could take years.

The traditional method of repairing credit involves disputing negative items by spamming creditors and collection agencies with letters. Suffice it to say that the traditional method is nothing but a scam. You pay the monthly cost of the “service” you’re being provided, yet see no results. The company pockets your fee and sends another pointless dispute letter.

The indisputable king of improving bad credit rating is the attorney-backed credit repair. Don’t let the involvement of a legal team intimidate you. When you sign on with professional and experienced credit repair companies, you get to take advantage of lawyers who know every little detail of every consumer law in place.

It’s only with an investigative research team paired with an experienced credit analyst at your side that you can expect to win a fight against questionable negative items and careless creditors.

credit repair Kingwood TX

How Much Does Credit Repair in Kingwood, TX Cost?

The cost of the service varies from one company to another. But it’s usually affordable.

What’s not affordable are all the ripoffs charging you on a monthly basis to send automated dispute letters. We call those $100-a-month guys because that’s what they do. They just care about getting paid month over month. It’s not in their best interest to fix your credit score in a timely fashion.

Instead of wasting your time on traditional methods, call WJA for a no-cost credit evaluation. You can also submit your information in an online form and we’ll get in touch with you. As part of our evaluation, we’ll give you our honest opinion about your financial situation. Don’t buy into traditional dispute nonsense. Get in touch with us first for free.

How Long Does It Take?

If you hire a traditional company to take care of your credit, the process can last indefinitely. They see no reason to help you out sooner rather than later.

With an attorney at your side, the process will last for a finite amount of time. You can expect to see results 45-60 days after the repair process begins. It will not last longer than six months.

Get Credit Repair in Kingwood, TX

At WJA, we apply the full force of our in-house law firm to get results. Our expert credit analyst will be at your disposal through the entirety of the process. Our investigative research team will deal with any questionable negative items on all your credit reports. We can even help you fix additional issues caused by violations of your rights such as identity theft.

Take the first step and contact us. It literally costs you nothing. We’ll be upfront and honest from the very start. No endless monthly fees – we’ll give you a timeframe when you can expect results. You will know when to expect any report changes. Get credit repair in Kingwood, TX from the very best – contact White, Jacobs and Associates.

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