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Looking to settle in nicely in the suburban city of Bedford, TX? Is your credit score currently stopping you from doing so? We have the answer to your woes. At White, Jacobs and Associates, we know how to get your buying power back. That’s why we offer the best credit repair in Bedford, Texas.

Don’t let your financial history stop you from qualifying for a large purchase or a refinance. Read on to find out how we boost your credit score by removing negative entries and guide you in adding positive credit.

credit repair Bedford TX

What Causes Bad Credit Scores?

Your credit reports serve as a testament to your financial reliability. If you want to make a big purchase or apply for a loan, potential creditors and lenders will use your credit report to assess if you can repay a loan on time and what kind of interest rate they can give you.

For these reasons, it’s vital to make sure that the information on your credit reports is up to date and accurate.

Below are some of the details often found on your credit reports. As you will see, they inform authorized organizations and personnel about you and your accounts.

● Personal information such as full name, date of birth, social security number, addresses, and phone numbers
● Detailed credit account history that goes back 10 years (including credit cards, mortgages, and loans)
● Credit limits for credits cards
● Loan amounts
● Payment history
● Current balance
● Public records such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and civil suits

You can probably already pinpoint some of these as a cause for a negative credit score. Here are some of the things that drag your score down:

● Late or missed payments
● High debt to credit utilization ratio
● Unused credit accounts that remain open
● An account sent to collections
● A shorter credit history
● Foreclosed home

WJA works hard to dispute and remove these and other potential negative entries to boost your credit score.

The Tactics White, Jacobs and Associates Uses for Credit Repair in Bedford, TX

We use a significantly more different road to a healthier credit score than other credit restoration agencies.

Here is how our process goes down:
Free consultation and assessment – At the beginning, we delegate one of our credit analysts. Their task is to give you an honest answer about whether your credit score can be repaired. The last thing we want to do is take your money based on false hope.
Tailor-made approach – If your score is fixable, they devise a personalized game plan.
Dispute letters – While this is a step every credit restore agency takes, we don’t perform this step automatically as others do. Our Investigative Research team has an aggressive, methodical process.
Audits – This step is necessary because we demand proof from bureaus and creditors that they can justify the entries on your reports.
Building for the long-term – You will receive education on maintaining and improving your financial buying power beyond our program.

So, in short, instead of using a formulaic approach, we pursue them diligently through credit report disputes and audits. And, our Investigative Research team evaluates the responses from these creditors. That way, we know how to respond in the subsequent round. That is why we offer the best credit repair in Bedford, TX.

credit repair Bedford TX

How Long Until My Credit Report Improves?

You may start seeing positive changes in your credit report after just 45-60 days. Many of our clients begin seeing substantial improvements within 2-3 months. Those changes arrive with annoying calls from creditors and collection agencies. They are trying to validate your debt. We would suggest asking any creditor to communicate with you via postal mail.

Overall, our credit repair program won’t take longer than 6 months.

Get a Free 1-on-1 Credit Repair Assessment in Bedford Today!

We are proud of our transparent credit repair in Bedford, Texas. Instead of wasting your time and money, we employ an aggressive and alternative approach to credit restoration. And it all begins for free! Book your no-cost assessment with one of our credit experts today. Begin your road to credit repair and a better tomorrow.

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