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Prosper, TX lives up to its name – for the longest time it has provided its residents with everything they needed to prosper. Its stability allowed the population to steadily increase and develop. However, there’s no use denying the inevitable – the situation is changing for the worse. You need to be smart if you wish to maintain your way of life and your credit score is a big part of that. White, Jacobs and Associates offers the credit repair Prosper deserves.

All of your long-term financial plans rest on you having a good credit score. Taking out loans and getting good interest rates is just the start of it. Your credit score affects everything you do and you need to be quick about fixing it. The methods traditional credit repair companies use don’t cut it anymore – that is why WJA does things differently.

credit repair prosper TX

We Offer Alternative Solutions

WJA doesn’t stick blindly to the same worn-out methods that other credit repair agencies use. They rely on an automated dispute process that has not been effective for decades. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, so it creates the illusion that they are doing something right. What they do, you could yourself with just a bit of coaching. We’ll provide the coaching free of charge.

We have developed a 4-round process that includes conventional tactics, but doesn’t rest on them. Credit reports are like fingerprints – each person’s is unique, so a customized approach to credit repair is necessary. We will analyze your reports and combine traditional dispute methods with aggressive audits and lawyer engagement to remove negative items from your report.

What Do You Mean By Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of improving your credit score by removing questionable negative items and adding positive credit to your credit reports. Your payment history, the loans you take out, bankruptcies, late payments, the way you use your credit cards, etc. is information that is compiled by three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax – into your credit reports.

You can think of your credit report as a profile that shows how financially responsible creditors should see you as. Based on your reports, the bureaus attach a numerical value to your profile – that is your credit score. There are two main models they use to rate your score – VantageScore and FICO Score. Both range from 300 to 850.

What Is the Point of a Good Credit Score?

Because your credit score is used to judge your trustworthiness to repay a loan, it determines how large of a loan you can get. With a credit score above 660, you should have no trouble getting a loan from most creditors. However, it doesn’t end there. The interest rates you get depend on your score. Consequently, creditors don’t want you to have a high score.

Creditors want you to be reliable in paying them back, but they also want to charge you as much as they can. This is why regular dispute letters rarely accomplish anything – they have no incentive to improve your score, unless they fear legal consequences down the line. Besides loans and interest rates, your potential landlords can access your reports, and even employers can ask to see them. A good credit score is essential for your financial health.

credit repair prosper TX

How White, Jacobs and Associates Improves Your Score

As each credit report is unique, our credit repair Prosper process starts with thorough research and analysis. You will be assigned a credit expert who will determine whether your situation can be improved by our tactics. If they decide that you would benefit from working with us, we will come up with a plan that is best suited for the position you are in.

We will determine which bureaus, creditors, and negative entries to go for first and go in aggresively. This is the first stage of our 4-round process, where we initiate disputes and gauge the responses. In the meantime, we will counsel you on how to add positive credit. Once we start receiving responses, we will analyze what has been removed and initiate the second stage.

This is where other credit repair companies stop and repeat the same tactics ad nauseam, hoping for a different response. White, Jacobs and Associates will initiate specific disputes and start auditing your creditors and credit bureaus. We demand they verify all information they have on you and show us the proof. If they can’t, the law compels them to remove the negative items.

Much like in the previous stages, we wait for their responses and analyze them. Then, we unleash our in-house lawyers. You are protected by federal and Texas state laws, and we will employ them all towards credit repair. Our lawyers will continue auditing them and start building a case against them, if necessary.

In the last stage, we go after any negative entries that remain. We will continue with disputes and audits, but also mention the software system the creditors and bureaus use to communicate. It is far from perfect, and mistakes often happen. We will pressure them to confirm all remaining entries or correct them.
In order to be effective, WJA’s credit repair Prosper process combines tradition, innovation, and legal expertise. We won’t promise you the moon – you will be kept in the loop at every step and see for yourself how our methods affect your score.

How Long Does Prosper, TX Credit Repair Take?

Many of our clients see their scores improve within 45-60 days of contracting us. Once we have had a look at your credit reports, we will give you a time-frame in which you can expect to see changes. Our process will never last longer than 6 months. If your score can’t be improved during that time, you are better off searching for other solutions. We have no intention of charging you if we can’t help you.

We Do What Other Cannot

White, Jacobs and Associates is an expert-led, attorney-backed credit repair company. The best credit repair Prosper provides should not be anything less. We like to let our results speak for themselves. Don’t settle for niceties and promises, but demand results – schedule a free consultation with us and see what we can do for you.

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