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Premium Credit Repair Oregon

With unemployment at a historic low and a growth rate that supersedes the rest of the nation, Oregon sure is an excellent place to live in. But in order to ride the wave, so to speak, you need your credit score to be in top shape. We provide the kind of credit repair Oregon needs to stay ahead of the curve.

The truth of the matter is that millions of Americans need credit repair, and they need it done right. That’s where we come in. We offer the best credit repair service in Oregon, spanning multiple areas:

Oregon Credit Repair

Get the Best Credit Repair Services in Oregon

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we take a no-nonsense approach to credit repair. That’s how we started our business in the first place. We were tired of all the inefficient credit repair companies giving their clients the usual runaround with generic (and often automated) disputes.

A vast majority of these companies charge a monthly fee to send automated dispute letters to your creditors. That’s not nearly enough to get results, but they still collect their fee regardless. What’s worse is that they keep you in their monthly service indefinitely. A year. Two years. As long as you’re willing to pay, they’ll take your money.

WJA takes problems head-on. We get in, see what can be done, and pull it off in a timely manner. The 4-round process we use lasts a maximum of 6 months. Our approach is transparent and honest — if we think we can help you, that’s what we’ll do. Other companies will sign you up regardless of your situation. We won’t do that. If you’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you. Money will not be wasted.

Do These Services Actually Work?>

When done right, credit repair services absolutely do work. But you’ve probably heard that line a million times now. It’s difficult to compare credit repair companies when you’re unaware of what a GREAT company looks like compared to an inefficient one.

What’s wrong in the credit repair industry?

It’s wrong to charge a premium price for simply sending out dispute letters to the credit bureaus. You could do that yourself. That type of drip disputing is what our competitors do. There’s also a HUGE lack of awareness and education in supporting clients’ financial literacy. Improving credit involves two main parts: 1) removing negative credit, and 2) adding positive credit history. You need help with both.

The right way to do credit repair is to give reasonable expectations on how long the process will take. The right way is to go after creditors directly, aggressively auditing them, and even getting attorney involvement. The right way is to coach you on building positive credit in addition to deleting derogatory accounts.

Credit Repair Our Way

At WJA, we audit your creditors, demanding they show us proof they had the right to report some negative item. You wouldn’t believe how often it turns out that they do NOT have the proper documentation to report these items on your credit reports.

The outcome? Your creditors have to remove the items they had no business reporting. That’s a direct boost to your credit score, and your reports will show it.

White, Jacobs and Associates also employs an in-house law firm to assist with our process, however, the real power of our process comes from our investigative research (IR) team. Members of the IR team review the responses from credit bureaus and creditors. During each round, they devise incrementally aggressive replies that demand further proof. Innovation is key. Depending on the stall tactics of each bureau or creditor, the IR team crafts a relevant response unique to your account.

Our clients sometimes wonder why we have 4-rounds. Why not just one round? Well, there’s a calculated method for our credit restoration system. We’ve learned there’s a natural “back and forth” rhythm to this dance. And we’ve been to this party thousands of times. Our 1st and 2nd rounds are designed as precursors to our 3rd and 4th rounds. As we said before, we gradually increase the pressure on the creditors as the rounds progress.

The other valuable component we help with is building positive credit. You’ll work with an experienced analyst during the entire process. They will make recommendations to help your credit for the long-term. After all, payment history, new credit, and credit mix (having different types of credit) make up more than half (55%) of your credit score.

Oregon Credit Repair — Is It Legal?

Credit repair services are legal in most states in the United States, Oregon included. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires all credit bureaus to provide accurate information on their credit reports. If the information is incorrect, you have the right to dispute the items on the reports.

Oregon Credit Repair

Can I Do Credit Repair Myself?

Yes, you can. However, financial institutions have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with consumers such as yourself. If you go at them alone, you may be wasting precious time. You need experts on your side. Your experienced analyst, an investigative research team, and a partnered attorney – that’s the dream team.

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