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Credit Repair Portland Oregon

There’s no use beating around the bush — economically, Portland is going down a bad route. The industry of Rip City is still going strong, but you’re not getting your fair share of the wealth — the housing market is shrinking and the cost of daily living is rapidly increasing. You need to deal with it before the situation gets worse and that is why White, Jacobs and Associates offers the credit repair Portland deserves.

You need every advantage you can get to stay afloat. The credit score could be the make-it-or-break-factor for your continued financial stability. 

Your score impacts every facet of your financial life in the city. First and foremost, it determines whether you will get the loan you need or not. Not only that, it determines the interest rates you get, and can even impact your ability to lease an apartment and your employment situation. We are here to offer assistance.


What White Jacobs Associates Does

We improve your score with our special 4-round process. We don’t use the same old methods that haven’t been effective for the last two decades. Modern times require new solutions. 

White Jacobs Associates audits your creditors, has our in-house law firm hound them, and doesn’t let up the pressure from day one. That is why our Portland credit repair services are the best.


How We Do Credit Repair in Portland, Oregon

We improve your credit via two routes. Before we do anything, you will be assigned a personal credit analyst to go over your credit reports in detail and determine which actionable steps to take. 

They will be your first point of contact and keep you in the know through the entire process. Our services are based on the analysis of your specific circumstances and dependent on how the situation develops.

The first route is adding positive credit to your reports. This step is mostly on you, but it’s on us to counsel you on how to do it. It boils down to showing potential creditors that you will repay the money you borrow – by taking out loans, repaying them back in time, and responsibly managing your finances. A WJA credit expert will give you continuous instructions and share their expertise if you decide to hire us.

The second route is on us – removing all possible negative items from your reports. For this, we have developed a unique 4-round process. Each consecutive round consists of disputes and audits that become more specific and intense until we delete any negative entry that can be deleted. We don’t let up the pressure until we are satisfied with the results.

As each round ends, the creditors will contact you in a matter of days – some items will be removed, but likely not all. You should forward all communications to us so that we can analyze the responses, notate which items were removed, and adjust our tactics accordingly.

The first two rounds may get the job done, but if not, the last two are specifically designed to deal with the most stubborn of creditors. Starting from the third round, our in-house lawyers take over. They handle all communication and pressure the creditors to uphold their legal obligations. They will also start building a case against them if we need to take them to court.

The last round is mostly clean up and double-checking the E-Oscar system (the software creditors and the bureaus use to communicate with each other). Sometimes, negative items are reported due to a glitch in the system, so we need to take care of that, too. There are no credit repair companies in Portland as thorough as us out there.

In essence, we get results because we play smart and they know we mean business. One of the biggest problems is that creditors don’t fear the little guy, because they know you don’t have the resources to properly challenge them on each and every item, and take legal action if necessary. That is how we provide the credit repair Portland deserves.


How Long Does Credit Repair Portland Take?

If you hire credit repair companies in Oregon that just care about getting your money, credit repair can take a long time. They will charge you for sending generic dispute letters for as long as you are willing to pay. 

With us, you will get a time-frame for when things should happen. No matter what, the entire process won’t last longer than 6 months. Usually, you can expect results within 30-45 days.


Why We Audit

You may have often heard of dispute letters, but notice that we mention audits. That is because most other Portland credit repair services don’t do them. This is one of many things that set WJA apart. Inaccurate and out-dated information has no place in your reports. When you dispute a negative entry, you claim it is one of the two.

If you are correct, the items should be removed. However, the creditors are the ones interpreting the accuracy, so it rests on them being fair and capable enough to do it correctly. Guess who often that’s the case? When you hire another company that continually sends dispute letters, they are essentially asking your creditors to play fair.

Those are not the services WJA provides. When we audit, we demand they send us all relevant information that shows that they can report the items. This is information you have a right to. Then the ball is in our court and we are the ones with the initiative. If we determine that a negative entry is unfairly reported, they are obligated to remove it or face legal repercussions.


How Is Your Credit Score Calculated? 

In essence, your credit score represents your financial history. The creditors report your interactions to the credit bureaus who compile them into a credit report. Your credit score is the numerical value you are assigned based on the reports, which is supposed to show how responsible you are with your finances.

It is the balance between the positive and negative credit you have accumulated. You get positive credit by borrowing money, handling it responsibly, and returning it on time. Two things can increase your score – installment credit and revolving credit.

Installment credit is the loan you pay back in fixed installments. Mortgages and student loans are common examples. Revolving credit is your credit cards and credit lines. You have a maximum amount you can borrow – within that range you make some charges and pay them off when you can, and you can take the money out again; thus, it revolves. Responsibly handling these types of credit can increase your score.

Negative items that lower your score can be almost anything: medical collections, foreclosures, student debts, unpaid bills, bankruptcies, etc. Any loan that you have taken out but have not repaid in time. Even applying for too many loans too quickly will lower your score.


Let’s Discuss How We Can Help You

We’re not miracle workers and don’t pretend to be such. There are certain things that can be fixed and some that can’t. Contact us and arrange a free consultation. Once we know what you’re dealing with, we will tell you what to expect from our services and when to expect it

At WJA, we don’t talk tall and make you waste money. We back up our words with results. That is the only kind of credit repair Portland Oregon deserves.


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