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Is your low credit score preventing you from getting approved for a mortgage, loan, or refinance? Maybe, you want to savour the perks of lower interest rates and good financial health. Anyhow, your credit plays a pivotal role in your financial health and development. However, finding a good credit repair company in Bend can be tricky. Here, at White Jacobs and Associates, we provide the credit repair Bend, OR citizens need to thrive.

We apply aggressive methods to remedy such issues. Compared to standard approaches, we use a 4-round process to generate results much more rapidly and efficiently.

Whatever the events that caused your low credit score, you need to focus on how to get your buying power back and forge ahead. And that’s what our mission is about.

credit repair Bend OR

Why You Need a Higher Credit Score

A low credit score can deny you approval for a mortgage, a large purchase or a refinance. Also, it will prevent you from getting favorable interest rates on credit cards, loans or other financial investments. A slight rise in interest rates can add up to thousands of dollars in the long run. You can see how existing with a low credit score will cost you more than you imagine. Stop existing and start living.

The average credit score varies between 600 and 750. Generally, a score under 600 can be considered poor, with a technical categorization of bad credit being under 620. Credit scores below 700 can lessen your chances of getting a beneficial interest rate or qualifying for big buys like a car or home. Anything lower than 620 will critically affect your capability of renting or buying such commodities.

While a low credit score won’t necessarily stop you from making purchases like these, it will make it more expensive. People with bad credit are thought to be more of a risk, so they must borrow at higher rates than people with higher credit scores.

The Unique Approach to Credit Repair Bend People Need

Most credit repair companies send generic and automated dispute letters month by month, while you’re paying a continuous fee. That can go on for years, and many times it does. Why? Because they don’t need you to get results fast. The longer you stay in their program, the better for them. In fact, you could do that method by yourself while saving your money. Unfortunately, you’d probably still get the same mediocre results.

The White Jacobs & Associates team does things differently. Customization is essential for credit repair Bend habitants need to prosper, and that’s where we excel. First, we give you a personal credit expert who works with you through the whole program. Also, you receive coaching and guidance from the beginning to the end.

Second, our investigative research team continuously examines the responses received from your creditors and credit bureaus to make custom responses for the next round while engaging our auditing process. Audits are sent directly to the creditors and collection agencies instead of simply disputing at the bureau level.

That’s why we succeed in credit repair when other companies don’t. Isn’t that better than telling your story over and over again to a large customer service department?

Personal Credit Repair Expert

As we already mentioned, unlike other companies, we engage a credit analyst for the entire process. From the very start, you’ll work with a credit expert to examine your credit report and figure out the potential of your gain in the program.

If you qualify as a fit applicant, he\she will thoroughly describe the process and set the expectations. After that, you can contact them anytime for a status update. Even if you don’t qualify, your credit expert will direct you in the right way. We don’t want you to aimlessly spend your money and ruin our reputation if we don’t foresee preferable results.

credit repair Bend OR

Audits Versus Disputes

Credit repair Bend, OR citizens deserve more often than the traditional mindless disputing that most companies engage in. That’s why audits are so successful in obtaining deletions from credit reports. We audit your creditors and demand them to validate that they have the right to report particular items to the credit bureaus. Often, they are unable to prove it, so they are demanded to erase those items from your credit.

It’s clear why auditing is more effective than disputing. At White Jacobs & Associates, we have an entire team of Investigative Researchers who fashion replies to creditors based on their responses. That’s a level of personalization you won’t find in other companies.

We can audit creditors so aggressively because everything we do is legal. There are more than a few consumer laws protecting you from unjust reporting, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and HIPPA laws. Our IR team leverages these laws to get desirable results for you.

Speed of Credit Repair in Bend, OR with White, Jacobs & Associates

Most credit repair companies will retain you for as long as possible for their profit and your detriment with minor to average results. That process can take years. Loads of our clients seek our aggressive method after repetitive disappointments they experienced with such companies.

We approach your issues with urgency. Generally, our clients start to notice results around 45 to 60 days of the process. The entire program lasts a maximum of six months, but often it ends much sooner. On rare occasions, it may take a little longer, but we don’t charge anything for the extra work if it goes past 6 months. If you want a clearer picture of what to expect for your particular issue, give us a call. We will provide you with a free credit review and consultation.

Let’s Get Started

For whatever reason, your credit score is not where it should be. You need more than just generic dispute letters to the bureaus. It’s the right time to call the experts and start living instead of existing. You need a competent company with an experienced research team to help you deal with creditors who won’t listen to everyday people.

We know the mechanics of credit repair in Bend and will work with you to get your buying power back. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

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