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Beaverton, OR has seen a surge in home appreciation over the last few years, so if you are thinking of becoming a homeowner, the state of Oregon may hold the keys to your new home. But buying a house and getting a mortgage loan doesn’t come without its challenges, one of them being your credit score. There’s good news, though – the credit repair Beaverton offers may just lead you to your dream home, thanks to White, Jacobs and Associates.

Our credit repair services help you improve your credit score and make you more financially responsible in the eyes of creditors and lenders.

Credit Repair Beaverton, OR

Good Credit Score: A Rundown

Your credit score is the result of a complex algorithm that shows on your credit report. How high or low your score is depends on several factors, one of them being who’s scoring and which model they use. The two most frequently used models are FICO and VantageScore.

When using the FICO model, your credit score can fall anywhere in the 300-850 range:
● Bad credit: 300-629
● Fair credit: 630-689
● Good credit: 690-719
● Great credit: 720-850

Why Is A Good Credit Score Important?

Having a good or great credit score is imperative since it affects so many facets of life – taking out a mortgage or loan, renting an apartment, getting a job, you name it. It would help if you seemed reliable and trustworthy to lenders, banks, employers, and others. And if you’re simply looking to improve your score to increase your buying power, your future self will thank you if you get the reliable credit repair Beaverton has.

Moreover, if you seem reliable to debtors and financial institutions, you will negotiate better loan terms and get low interest rates.

Your credit reports should represent you as a dependable borrower, and you can achieve this by paying bills on time, having a lengthy credit history, etc. Things that can lower your credit score are late payments and high credit utilization.

But we know you’re not always at fault for your score. We live in turbulent, pandemic times. Besides, every one of us makes a misstep sometime in our lives, or we are made a victim of somebody else’s error.

That’s why White, Jacobs and Associates offers credit repair with an aggressive and alternative approach.

Credit Repair Beaverton, OR

WJA Helps With Credit Repair in Beaverton, OR

Our company was founded as a response to the inefficiencies of the credit repair industry. Most of these businesses use basic and traditional methods for fixing your credit. That means sending out automated dispute letters to creditors and bureaus – and stopping there. This probably won’t come as a surprise, but – that’s not enough to hike up your credit score.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we pluck the best from the traditional methods and spice them up with a more aggressive and alternative approach. And we have our in-house investigative research team to thank for making us stand out. That’s right – we have the best 4-round credit repair Beaverton deserves.

Our Investigative Research Team studies your case thoroughly before sending out disputes written on the firm foundation of your rights as a consumer. But they don’t stop there – they audit creditors and bureaus and leave no stone unturned. We gradually build an proactive plan against collection agencies and creditors.

That makes your chances of improving your credit score increase because creditors are legally obliged to remove questionable negative entries from your credit report. We’re by your side each step of the way, fighting to get your buying power back.

How Long Does it Take to Repair Credit?

While other credit repair companies stretch out their process for as long as possible and do nearly nothing during it, we handle things differently.

After you schedule your free consultation at WJA, we provide you with your personal credit analyst. They will review your case and financial history and let you know if we can help – no false promises here. If we can, we will immediately give you an approximate timeframe for our process.

You won’t see us offering a two-year credit repair process as some do in Beaverton. We handle your business promptly. After taking on your case, you will see the first results within 45 – 60 days. Some clients even start receiving distressed calls from their creditors soon after. Whichever the case, it should not take us more than 6 months to solve a client’s credit repair situation. If it does, the work we do will be done at no cost.

Get the Credit Repair You Deserve

Don’t sit around waiting for incompetent credit repair companies to stretch out your case and eat away at your money. Schedule your free council at White, Jacobs and Associates and get fair and honest credit repair in Beaverton, OR. Make the most of our credit analysts and lawyers – start the path to a brighter future.

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