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Are you a budding first-time homeowner or working on leasing a car? A good credit score is of utmost importance to whichever life stage you’re at. White, Jacobs and Associates is here to help you make the most of living in the lush state of Oregon and hike up your credit score with an effective credit repair Salem process.

Lately, the economic climate hasn’t been kind to many people, and we’re not even counting the usual life events that can shake up your credit report. No one is immune to hard times. But you need to focus on your credit repair and buying power, apart from being aware of what landed you where you are now. Our mission is to aid you in this fight.

credit repair Salem OR

WJA Is Not Your Everyday Credit Repair Salem Company

Long gone are the days where traditional credit repair strategies could cut it. We use alternative and aggressive methods for improving your credit score. Our success rate of 70-90% shows that we’re walking the right path. And we want to bring you along.

True, conventional repair tactics can lead to some credit score improvement, but that can take years. Also, lots of credit repair Salem, OR companies charge a monthly fee (we refer to them as $100-a-month guys) while just sending the same dispute letters time and time again.

Meanwhile, White, Jacobs and Associates dissects your financial situation carefully and then comes up with an effective credit repair plan. Then, we let you know how long the restoration process will be. To keep you at peace, we will continuously provide transparent insight into the process.

How Does Bad Credit Happen?

There are many causes of poor credit – debt settlements, bankruptcy, unpaid student loans, collections, etc. All of them are displayed on your credit report as negative items. It’s unfair to see your financial freedom taken away from you forever, just because of one uninformed decision, someone else’s mistake, or just a series of unfortunate events.

Even a few points on your FICO and Vantage scores can make a ton of differences – we’re talking about thousands of dollars in credit. So, it’s clear that it’s nearly impossible to get a loan or a good interest rate without a good credit score.

What Exactly Is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of adding positive credit to your credit reports and removing negative items. That brings up the credit score.

The items listed in your credit reports are compiled by three large credit bureaus, called TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. They gather information on your bankruptcies, loans, credit card history, etc. The data they collect is calculated into your credit score, ranging from 300 to 850.

WJA helps you increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of creditors (and employers and landlords!). And we do so by more than just a few credit points.

credit repair Salem OR

How We Help Improve Your Credit Report

White, Jacobs and Associates developed an alternative 4-round approach for improving your credit health. One of the reasons we achieve results where others fail is working with our in-house attorneys during the 3rd and 4th round audits.

Besides lawyers, we enlist the help of credit experts and analysts while offering you counseling on fixing credit scores.

WJA Analyses Your Credit Balance and Creditor Feedback

You will never catch WJA just sending out electronic dispute letters like other credit repair Salem, OR companies. We create a personalized credit repair approach for your unique life situation. Naturally, some items pop up in many people’s credit reports – student loans, late payments, medical collections, and so on.

Once we single out those negative items that can be eliminated quickly, we begin calling up bureaus and creditors. We gather feedback from them to understand their reasons for not removing some negative items from your score. Then, the gloves come off.

We Aggressively Remove Negative Items

Now we come to the best part – the personalized audit created for maximum results. The audit intends to review negative entries that stay on your report. While other companies send generic dispute letters and don’t move a finger to do something more, we diligently pursue creditors to prove that they genuinely have the right to list the negative items to credit bureaus. That is where our in-house lawyers come in.

And, would you know it, they often don’t have those rights. And they will usually cover up that fact if someone doesn’t challenge them. So, it is clear that it’s essential to enlist a professional credit repair Salem company when you want good credit repair.

WJA Provides Counsel On Adding Positive Credit

We want to equip you for life. That is why our credit repair Salem, OR process doesn’t stop with taking care of negative items in your credit balance.

We consult and educate about the credit utilization ratio. You will learn how to add positive credit score, increasing your trustworthiness in the eyes of potential future lenders. White, Jacobs and Associates also counsels on handling installment debt and credit card debt.

How Long Until I See the First Results?

You may start noticing the change just a couple of weeks in. The majority of our clients start getting calls from creditors within 45 to 60 days. Pro tip: Once you start the program, send us all the postal mail that you receive. Expect for the whole credit repair process to be over in a maximum of just six months.

We are transparent and upfront, so if for any reason you aren’t a right fit, we will let you know. That way, we won’t take advantage of you, just to leave you high and dry, with even more debt. We will either fix your credit score or let you know if that’s not possible.

Start Your Journey to a Healthy Credit Score Now

Oregonians are known for their love of hiking, so allow us to take that love to another level by hiking up your credit score in Salem, OR. So don’t let those negative entries fester for another day on your credit report – contact us today and begin your path to better buying power and a healthier future overall.

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