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Hillsboro, located in lush Oregon, has grown from a town of 8,200 folks in the sixties to 106,000 in 2020. And data shows that the real estate market has been on a steady climb in the last five years. So to accommodate yourself as nicely as possible in this competitive day and age, you need the best credit repair Hillsboro provides. And White, Jacobs and Associates is on hand to help you settle in nicely.

We’re here to help you get a good credit score and restore your buying power. Rough times have struck us all, and you want to be sure you’re able to repay your loans, rent your dream house, and buy a car that will take you cruising around the rich nature Oregon provides.

credit repair Hillsboro OR

What Causes Bad Credit?

Bad credit means you have an unfavorable credit score caused by negative items listed in your credit report. WJA is a credit repair service in Hillsboro that removes those negative entries to bring your credit score to higher numbers.

Causes of bad credit are diverse. Let’s start with payment history – the FICO scoring model views it as 35% of your overall credit. So an unfavorable credit score may be due to late payments. Next, we have high credit utilization, meaning you’re probably maxing out your credit cards and often bringing your credit balance close to the limit.

Also, creditors don’t look favorably to people with just one account. Having more active accounts of different types will do you much better.

And though some would call this following criterion unfair, it’s still a fact – if you lack credit age or credit history, you’re on the losing side. Meaning, your credit history length plays a role. If you have had an open and active account for a longer time, creditors will interpret this as you being a good manager.

Accounts that have been sent to collection agencies also bring your credit score down.

Why Do You Need a Good Credit Score in Hillsboro, OR?

You will mostly come across two main ways of determining a person’s credit score – VantageScore and FICO score. They range from 300-850, with a decent score being anything more than 660.

White, Jacobs and Associates is aware that you often need a good credit score to reach those significant milestones in life. If you want to qualify for a new home and get approved for the property, you need a good credit report that screams “I’m financially responsible.” We can say the same for other big purchases, such as getting a new car. And why waste thousands of dollars on higher interest rates? Get better rates on investments, credit cards, insurance, and more with the credit repair Hillsboro has, thanks to WJA.

The Tactics White, Jacobs and Associates Uses for Credit Repair

There are two roads we take on the path to your healthier credit score:
● Aggressive and alternative approaches to removing negative entries from the credit report
● Adding positive credit points through education and counseling our clients

When it comes to removing negative items, we begin the process by delegating a credit expert to your case, tasked with analyzing your credit report. They pour over each negative entry and determine if WJA can help increase the overall credit score. We develop your personalized game plan if your case is deemed doable (since we pride ourselves on not selling false promises).

Here’s the gist – we don’t take a formulaic approach to send out dispute letters to creditors and bureaus responsible for adding negative points to your credit report. We pursue them diligently through credit report disputes and audits. That is what sets us apart from other credit repair Hillsboro services. We don’t stop at the first step of sending out disputes. No, we unleash our stubborn pack of in-house investigative researchers. They work their magic by reminding creditors and bureaus of their legal obligations and diving deep into the legalities of the negative points they have inflicted upon you.

At WJA, we believe you have your legal rights, and we are here to protect them. Expert researchers and alternative solutions spiked with traditional methods – that’s the credit repair Hillsboro deserves.

credit repair Hillsboro OR

The Last Inning – What Happens After the Audits?

After we insist on getting the evidence from creditors and bureaus that they can indeed report the negative items, we wait for their responses. If they can’t conjure the proof, we gently remind them that they are legally obligated to remove them from your report.

Depending on case to case, we decide if there is a need to pursue the creditors further and possibly build a case against them. You should already start seeing positive changes in your credit report as negative entries are removed and your credit score goes up. Most of our clients will start seeing those changes within 30-45 days. Overall, our process won’t take more than six months.

WJA’s Honesty Policy

We pride ourselves on our alternative solution approach, as well as honesty. We won’t promise you the Moon and the stars – after the initial counseling and analysis, we will let you know if our team can help your case.

If we take your case on, we will give you a timeframe of our process and keep you in the loop each step of the way. Our mission is to offer you only the best credit repair in Hillsboro.

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