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Meet the team

North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states not only in the south but in the entire US. In order to keep up with the rising economy, the people in the state need as much buying power as they can get. To that end, we offer you the most efficient credit repair North Carolina has ever seen.

Various life situations and unforeseen events can impact your financials, negatively influencing your credit score. Late payments and debt are the number one causes of the low score and affect millions of Americans. And that’s why you need credit repair services in North Carolina.


Credit Repair North Carolina

WJA — Credit Repair in North Carolina Done Right

We are White, Jacobs and Associates, and we’re the most efficient North Carolina credit repair company. 

We started our business because we were tired of seeing all the incompetent “repair experts” preying on people in debt. They all do the same runaround, convincing you that you just need to be patient while they send their automated dispute letters. Your credit report doesn’t get any better, but the “professionals” collect your monthly fee all the same.

That’s not how we do things at WJA. We go after your creditors in full force, aggressively auditing them to see if they had the right to report a negative item. If necessary, we also get our in-house law firm involved,

Everything we do is within the confines of the law, yet still highly efficient and result-oriented.


How Long Is the Credit Score Repair Program?

At WJA, repairing credit score never takes longer than six months at most.

That’s because we don’t fool around, waiting to collect monthly payments from you. Instead, we’ll give you a realistic time frame which depends on the case. On average, our clients get results in 30-45 days.

Some of our clients even see the results as early as two weeks from the time we initiate the repair process. So look forward to your next report!


When Will I Be Charged for Credit Repair Services?

You will be charged at the end of the credit repair process. There are no hidden fees — you’ll only pay for the services rendered.

On the topic of charges, this is a good way to spot a scam. If a credit repair company’s trying to get you to pay anything up front, it’s a good sign they shouldn’t be trusted.


Credit Repair North Carolina

Is Credit Repair Legal in North Carolina?

Credit repair is 100% legal. In fact, the law states that you can try and repair the credit yourself. However, we’d highly discourage you from doing that. Creditors and financial institutions have entire legal teams dedicated to dismantling your disputes. It’s best you leave it to professionals.

Here are a couple of laws concerning your rights as a customer:

  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act
  • Fair Credit and Charge Card Disclosure Act

And there are others.


Get the Information You Need

Our lawyers are experts in consumer protection laws and have immense experience in building cases against creditors. We won’t let them take you for a ride. And that’s the secret of our success. That’s the kind of credit repair in North Carolina you deserve.

Get counseling with WJA for free. We’ll give you our honest opinion about what your chances are and what to expect. Talk to us today, get the information you need, and expect a new credit score.

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