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Premium Credit Repair Raleigh North Carolina

Talking about Raleigh, the first thing that comes to mind is a bustling city with excellent working conditions and an even better economic climate.

The City of Oaks never ceases to amaze, and the people there know it.

However, it’s not been immune to the ongoing pandemic and its influence on the economic well-being of its citizens. 

You probably felt in on your skin as well. Don’t worry — economic downturns happen, and there’s nothing you could have done about it.

But you can now. You’re in the right place — we’re the premium credit repair Raleigh North Carolina needs. Talk to us.

credit repair Raleigh, NC

Credit Repair White Jacobs and Associates Way

At WJA, we pull no punches when it comes to credit repair. We take care of the problem head-on and go after your creditors in full force.

You probably have your doubts about credit repair, especially if you’ve already hired the services of some other credit repair companies.

We hear it all the time. Our clients tell us all about these “instant credit fix” schemes that never got any results.

And we know why. Because we know they operate. They just send automated dispute letters and hope your creditors miss them.

That’s how White, Jacobs and Associates started in the first place. We were so tired of the inefficiency of the traditional credit repair industry. We had to do something, and so we did.

We apply an aggressive approach that yields real results. And we’re honest with our clients. If something’s out of our hands, we’ll let you know instead of wasting your time and money.

How Does Credit Repair Work?

As the name suggests, credit repair is the process of improving your credit score.

You fix the credit score by removing inaccurate negative items from your credit reports. That’s the key.

By disputing negative items on your reports, you challenge their validity. Mistakes often happen as it’s a complicated process. If there’s some inaccurate information on your report, it’s your right to challenge it. Consumer laws make sure of that.

In fact, the law states you have all the right to do credit repair yourself. There’s no obligation for any third party to get involved in the process.

A word of caution, however. Creditors, collection agencies, and other financial institutions are experts at shooting down disputes. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get far unless you know all your rights as a consumer. Even then, they still have the advantage of experience.

No one can stop you from trying. But it might be a better idea to get the help of experts in the field.

credit repair Raleigh, NC

How Long Is the Program?

Other companies tend to overextend their programs.’

Why? Because you pay them on a monthly basis and they have no real reason to get the job done fast. They’ll just keep sending automated dispute letters day in, day out, trying to clutter your creditor’s mailbox.

They’ll keep doing the same routine for as long as you’re willing to pay them, promising results, but never delivering any.

At WJA, we’re acutely aware of how those conmen do “credit repair.” And it’s not right. We’ll always give you a rough estimate when you can hope to see some results.

Usually, it takes about 30-45 days to see some improvement. Oftentimes, our clients get better reports after only two weeks with our help.

We also put a limit on how long the program is. It will never last longer than six months for our credit repair to yield results.

Our Process

What’s so special about our approach that beats sending dispute letters?

We’ll tell you — we audit your creditors. Instead of just disputing negative items on your credit reports from all three major bureaus, we actually demand they prove they had the right to report the negative items to begin with.

As it often turns out, they didn’t have the right to report a certain negative item and then they have to remove it.

But that’s not it.

At WJA, we employ a dedicated in-house law firm to build a case against your creditors. They’re the reason why our approach is so aggressive (and effective).

Plenty of people tend to think that getting lawyers involved is a step too far. It can seem intimidating. But don’t worry. Our lawyers are consumer law professionals with years of experience doing this sort of thing. Moreover, they’re crucial to our process.

After all, creditors have lawyers of their own who’re there to fight your disputes. So why not level the playing field a bit?

Get Premium-Quality Credit Repair in Raleigh with WJA

Get in touch with our credit analysts today and they’ll tell you all you need to know about credit repair.

White, Jacobs and Associates is the best and only credit repair company you’ll ever need.

We know how all those financial institutions operate, and we know how they think. And that’s why we’re the right people for the job.

Restore your credit score today and get your buying power back.

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