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Greensboro is known for attractive downtown areas and a favorable cost of living compared to the national average. But living conditions are directly related to your financial condition. If you are one of its residents that needs help with your credit score, White, Jacobs and Associates is your one-stop place for expert credit repair in Greensboro.

Maybe you are planning a larger loan, or planning to rent a house, or perhaps you’re applying for a new job, and you’re worried about how your credit situation will look to your future employer. We help get your finances in order and help get your buying power back. And we do this by fixing your credit score.

credit repair Greensboro, NC

What Is a Normal Credit Score in Greensboro, North Carolina?

Your credit score is the sum of all your financial activities found in your credit report. There are many ways to calculate credit scores, but FICO and VantageScore models are the most frequently used ones. They rank your credit trustworthiness in the 300-850 range.

These are the credit score categories:

Very poor credit score: 300-579
Fair credit: 580-669
Good credit: 670-739
Very good credit: 740-799
Excellent credit: 800-850

Experian’s recent statistics show that North Carolina had an average credit score of 703 in 2020. That puts the state in the good credit category, so you must fix your credit score if it is still not among those ranks. Because competition is high, you don’t want to miss out on taking out a student loan or mortgage while your fellow citizens do so.

Good credit and above considerably improves your chances of having a bright future. Are you planning a big life decision? It would be best if you had a good credit score to take out the loan that will put you on a one-track road to fulfilling your dreams and plans.

If you’re thinking about a considerable change in your life, always consult with an expert credit repair service. At White, Jacobs and Associates, we will assess your credit situation and hike your credit score.

How Does a Bad Credit Score Happen?

Medical collections, student loans, unfavorable mortgage, late payments – all of these things can cause your credit trustworthiness to take a plunge. And some of them are unavoidable. Life happens, medical ailments happen, death of loved ones happens.

You shouldn’t feel as punished just because bad luck came knocking at your door. Even miscommunication between your creditors and bureaus can lead to a lower credit score.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we are aware of all that and are ready to help you get back in check.

credit repair Greensboro, NC

How We Do Credit Repair in Greensboro

Where others use a traditional approach to fixing your credit report, we use a unique 4-round approach. What sets us apart the most is our alternative and aggressive method performed by our investigative research team during our process’s 1st through 4th rounds.

We begin by assigning you a credit specialist who maps out your custom credit repair plan. We pinpoint negative entries in your report that we believe can be removed from your credit score, which would cause it to climb up. We begin calling up creditors and bureaus to gather more information on why these entries appear in your report.

Then, the fun begins. While your everyday credit repair company would just send out some dispute letters to credit collection agencies and bureaus and stop there, we dig our claws in. And we do so with personalized audits created for maximum results.

In other words, we audit the negative items on your report and keep pursuing the creditors to get proof that they have the legal right to list those items in your report. If they can’t conjure that evidence, we apply increased pressure to remove it. That’s why we have investigative researchers who are well-versed in consumer rights.

You would be surprised how often credit bureaus unfairly list negative items in people’s credit reports. And they get away with it just because nobody challenges them. That’s why we go all the way at WJA.

We Help in More Ways Than One

We don’t just help get your life back on track by hiking up your credit score. Our credit specialists are also at hand to educate you about things such as credit utilization ratio. They offer advice on adding a positive credit score, making you more trustworthy to those who take a look at your financial history.

Expert credit repair asks for experience, unique methods, and legal expertise – and that’s the credit repair Greensboro has, thanks to White, Jacobs and Associates.

Are Your Credit Repair Tactics Legal in Greensboro, NC?

We employ experts that know the law as well as the back of their hands. And they know that many laws protect your rights as a consumer. These laws are the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and HIPPA laws.

Why just send out dispute letters and stop there? You don’t need a credit repair company for that – you can do that yourself. You need experts on your side to get an effective credit repair service. And we have them at WJA.

You Are Just Six Months Away From a Good Credit Score

That’s right – once we take on your case, it will take us no more than six months to bring it to fruition. And some of our clients see improvements in their credit score in just two weeks! So don’t waste another day – book your free credit consultation today with WJA’s credit experts. Find out why we do credit repair in Greensboro differently.

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