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Many American cities suffered a blow during the coronavirus pandemic, but Fayetteville has been fighting the circumstances hard. And it shows. Forbes called it a city on the rise. With a population of over 211,000 that keeps growing, it is a great place to build your life. But to do so, you may need expert credit repair in Fayetteville, and White, Jacobs and Associates offers just that.

Even though the housing market remains favorable compared to the national average, you need a good credit score to seem financially responsible to real estate agents, lenders, and landlords. WJA fixes your low credit score with expertise, honesty, and experience.

Here’s how we do it. But first, let’s go over some basic credit repair definitions.

credit repair Fayetteville NC

What Is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of improving your credit score. It is done by erasing inaccurate negative entries from your credit reports. It also involves building positive credit.

People usually have three credit reports, courtesy of the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. These institutions file your financial history into reports, which translate into credit scores.

Your credit score can be anywhere between 300 and 850, and the way it’s calculated depends on the model being used. The most common scoring model is FICO. If your credit score is in the 300-579 range, it falls into the ‘very poor’ category.

Having ‘very poor’ credit scores means that financial institutions will be more reluctant to lend you money. And it goes beyond that – potential employers can also peek at your credit reports and deem you financially irresponsible if they see a low score.

Credit repair agencies attempt to optimize your credit score. White, Jacobs and Associates does so in two ways. One, we erase negative entries on your report by applying a detailed 4-round process. And we also educate you on what you can do in the future to bring up your credit score to a positive level.

Traditional Credit Repair VS WJA Credit Repair in Fayetteville

Not every company doing credit repair in Fayetteville is the same. How do you know if you’ve come across a fair business which isn’t going to scam you?

A traditional credit repair Fayetteville company doesn’t have a personalized approach to their client’s cases. They rarely review your credit report in depth and proceed to send out dozens of automated dispute letters to the credit bureaus. That is ineffective for multiple reasons:

● Automated disputes (usually done online) rarely works well because the credit bureaus are used to receiving this type of communication. They have a good defense for this type of generic communication.
● Traditional credit repair companies don’t dive deep into your report. Because of this, they are not customizing their approach to each of the negative accounts.

Once they do all of this and stretch out the process for as long as they can, they inform you that they did “all they could” to help you — another misleading statement.

White, Jacobs and Associates is not your conventional credit repair agency. We employ an aggressive and alternative approach. Sure, we send out dispute letters, but we do so strategically. And we don’t stop there:

● In addition to sending custom disputes, we diligently audit creditors and collection agencies with responses to their usual “stall” tactics.
We have an investigative research team that demands proof from these financial players regarding the validity of these negative items. We do this because collections agencies and bureaus often can’t actually conjure evidence about the validity of the items.
● Our entire process is managed by an attorney. Leveraging consumer credit laws is critical in getting results. Creditors must adhere to the law.

We built a strong reputation through the years based on the simple fact that attorney-managed credit repair is a much more effective way to get results.

credit repair Fayetteville NC

Achieve Financial Freedom in Just Six Months

Traditional credit repair Fayetteville companies charge anywhere from 50 to 150 (sometimes more) per month, but they stretch out their process for years. And they do so with little or no result.

At WJA, our credit repair process never lasts for more than six months. You will start seeing the first results in 45-60 days. Some of our clients start getting calls from creditors just 30-45 days after we begin our process. Some will call you to verbally verify debts. We ask that you don’t communicate with them. Ask them to contact you via regular mail. Other tips and suggestions will be made during the discussion with your credit analyst.

Right from the start, you will get a free consultation with our credit repair specialist. After reviewing your case, they will let you know if you’re the right fit for credit repair. We don’t sell false promises. If we can’t help you, we will let you know and won’t waste your money.

Get Your Free Consultation Today

Stop trying to swim through the muddy waters of creditors and collection agencies alone. Contact us and get your free council. Credit specialists at White, Jacobs and Associates will review your credit and help in any way they can. WJA has the credit repair Fayetteville deserves. Make use of that fact today.

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