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Meet the team

Trusted credit repair in Oklahoma

With its four seasons, vibrant art scene, and abundant cuisine, it’s no wonder Oklahoma has become a popular destination for relocating families. If you’re already an Oklahoma resident, you know that life with good credit can be a blessing.

But let’s admit it, things don’t always go according to plan. Suffering from bad credit holds you back from major moves like buying a home and getting the best interest rates. Affording that dream house, car, and major expenses that are needed in Oklahoma suddenly become a daunting task when you end up with a less-than-great credit score and higher interest rates.

If this sounds all too familiar, here’s some good news: you’ve come to the right place! White Jacobs & Associates have developed a robust and legal approach to Oklahoma credit repair that can quickly help you get back on track.

Why has my credit score gone down?

The reasons your credit score dropped could be many, including late payments, bankruptcy filings, charge-offs, incorrect profile information, late student loan payments, foreclosures, and other derogatory accounts reported by the credit bureaus. Each of these negative items may take a bite out of your credit score. In such cases, removing a negative credit item may mean the difference between getting a sub-par interest rate or good one. It could also mean the difference between getting approved or rejected for a mortgage loan. That’s where we come in.

Credit repair in Oklahoma done differently

What sets us apart from other Oklahoma credit repair services is our radical approach to credit repair. By “radical” we mean radically different from what most credit restoration companies out there do. The majority of these charge you on a monthly basis for sending out generic dispute letters (we’ve dubbed them the “100-bucks-per-month-guys”). Needless to say, this process yields slow and ineffective results, if any.

This is not how we do credit repair. We prefer to walk off the beaten path and that’s why we have developed a unique approach with tailor-made audits directly to the creditor (in addition to the bureaus). These yield the maximum results for each person’s specific situation.

How our unique approach to credit repair works

Our main goal is to remove negative items from your report and add positive ones as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do that through a personalised process that lasts 6 months, at most, and usually starts bringing out results within the first 45-60 days. In the rare cases when the program takes longer than 6 months, we don’t charge for the extra time.

All of this is accomplished through our fully customized and robust 4-round process. From day one, you are paired with a personal credit analyst who will go through your credit report and determine what you can expect from the program. They will also be your first point of contact throughout the process. This means you can always call or email them to get status updates.

Once we’ve reviewed your credit reports, our investigative research (IR) team will set tailor-made actions for your case and start working on them. They will be tasked with auditing the responses from creditors and crafting a response for each subsequent round. We usually advise clients to forward all correspondence to our office. This ensures that the team is prepared with an up-to-date response for the next round. Generic dispute letters (which are used by most Oklahoma credit repair companies) could never get results like this.

credit repair oklahoma

Why audits are much more effective than disputes

The old school method of sending out generic dispute letters is still the most common way of doing credit repair and also the least ineffective one. Generic dispute letters services usually ask the creditors for negative items to be removed. We demand evidence that they had the right to report those items to the credit bureaus in the first place. It often happens that they don’t have that proof and are therefore obliged to remove the negative item. This is a crucial step on your way to financial freedom and we will ensure that you are equipped with the right tools for the way ahead.

How can I tell a credit repair scam from a legitimate company?

We understand your scepticism. Given our insight into the industry, we would actually encourage it.

First of all, you should look for the red flags. The most obvious sign that you are dealing with a credit repair scam would be if the company pressures you to sign up before thoroughly reviewing your report. You also should beware of Oklahoma credit repair companies that give you promises and guarantee to rid you of accurate and current negative credit items. These are outlined in the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), or the legislation designed to protect you from illegal credit repair practices.

At WJA, we are committed to improving your financial life and to doing it in a legal and transparent way. We know that credit can be complex so part of our mission is to ensure that you are set for long-term financial success even after leaving the program. That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the best Oklahoma credit repair company out there.

Share your challenge with us

If you are ready to start your credit repair journey with us, reach out to schedule a free credit consultation. We won’t make promises that we can’t keep. We will, however, give you realistic expectations and give you an honest overview of your situation and a deep review of your credit reports.

In the worst case scenario, you will walk away with some expert credit advice. If you are a good fit, however, it may turn out to be a life-changing event. There’s just one way to find out.

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