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Even with the economy still feeling the effects of the pandemic, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a lot going for it. Forbes Magazine ranked the city as the fourth-best housing market in America. That makes the city attractive for budding homeowners. And White, Jacobs and Associates is primed and ready to offer credit repair in Tulsa for all of those thinking of making the big step of buying a home.

Credit repair in Tulsa is also vital for all of those thinking of taking out a loan, applying for a job, a new car, or something else that marks a massive change in one’s life. At WJA, we repair your credit by fixing your credit score. Your credit rating significantly impacts what loans you can take out and the interest rates you get for them. A few points up and down doesn’t sound like a lot, but they can make a difference of a few thousand dollars in your bank account.

credit repair Tulsa OK

WJA is Not a Traditional Tulsa Credit Repair Company

White, Jacobs and Associates provides help when you’re dealing with a poor credit score in these turbulent times.

We’re not judging anyone who suffers from bad credit. The reasons why you landed where you have can be numerous – one hasty decision on your part, a tragic event, or a software error made by one of the three major U.S. bureaus. Or maybe all three at once happened.

Either way, we assess your case and use our aggressive and alternative method of credit repair to assist you. We do so via our 4-round process that will put you back on track. Whatmore, while we work on removing questionable items from your credit score, we simultaneously educate you about long-term ways of keeping your credit score on an upward spiral.

Traditional credit repair in Tulsa operates based on sending out dispute letters to creditors and nothing more. At WJA, we take our job and your case seriously – we fight hard to give you your financial freedom back.

What is an Average Credit Score?

A credit score is a numerical value in your credit report that tells creditors and potential lenders how financially responsible you are. It’s graded in the 300-850 range, with 300 as the lowest possible credit score and 850 as the maximum. You should strive for a credit score of 660 and up.

How are these scores calculated? Typically, bureaus use FICO and VantageScore scoring models to get that number. Oklahoma’s average credit rating was 690 in 2020, so competition is stiff when taking out loans and getting favorable interest rates.

Thus, before you apply for a loan in Tulsa, you should contact us at WJA. We will bring your credit score up and get you ready for that loan.

The 4-Round Credit Repair Process in Tulsa, Oklahoma

As we have said, traditional companies begin and stop their process of disputing items in your credit report. That is just a fraction of our process, and even that we do more thoroughly than the rest of them.

First, we have a thorough conversation with you, and together we go through the items in your report, singling out questionable ones that we wish to dispute and audit. Next, we develop your customized credit repair plan. Only then do we begin sending out dispute letters to creditors and bureaus. After receiving responses from them (usually unsatisfactory ones), we double down by performing audits and demanding that they show evidence that they have full rights to report those items in your report.

Often, these financial players don’t have the right to report those entries, so they are forced to erase them from your credit balance. The outcome of this is your credit score climbing up.

Nothing of this would be possible without our expert team of in-house lawyers joining in on the fun during our process’s 3rd and 4th rounds. They are well-versed in consumer rights and are not afraid to whip them out and remind lenders what the law is.

credit repair Tulsa OK

Audits vs. Disputes

Audits are conducted faster, so it won’t take long for you to see results from our credit repair process. And as explained, they yield more results. We don’t just ask nicely in dispute letters that they remove negative items from your credit report. No, we demand creditors to hand over proof that they are right about forwarding these questionable items to credit bureaus.

If that doesn’t work, we challenge them based on their software to conduct business. Software is prone to errors, and we are diligent about pursuing the matter until the end and finding out if the software made a mistake.

Is Credit Repair Legal in Tulsa, OK?

Our attorney team acts aggressively because it knows that the law is on its side.

The U.S. legal system has a slew of laws that protect consumers. Some of these laws are the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and HIPPA laws.

You Are Just Six Months Away From Healthy Credit

Our approach takes no more than 4-6 months, but results start rolling in usually after 45-60 days. Contact us today for a free consultation with our credit expert, and begin your path towards your dream home, student loan, or the car you’ve been thinking of for some time now. Get your buying power back with White, Jacobs and Associates.

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