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It’s not always easy to thrive, especially with unhealthy credit. For the best credit repair OKC affords, turn to White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA). They’re the credit specialists who care, and they’re ready to help you turn your life around “sooner” rather than later. Your credit may be suffering from negative items related to general collections, charged-off accounts, late payments, repossessions, medical collections, and even public records such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens, and more.

Difficult times in the past can affect your credit score in the present. The good news: Steps can be taken to repair credit – as long as you choose the right company. With so many self-proclaimed “experts” and scams, selecting the right company can be tricky.

credit repair okc

In the heart of America and in the heart of Oklahoma itself lies OKC. Livestock, natural gas, and oil are its lifeblood. We consider it the Great Plains for sure, but in all the beautiful, flat expanse, we ironically see a tower of strength. It’s an inspiring place that welcomes one and all and invites them to thrive in a thriving economy.

Your credit is a cornerstone of your ability to thrive in the economy.


For too long, OKC residents have depended on traditional forms of credit repair that drain their bank accounts and fail to produce lasting results. Even some of the most popular credit repair companies out there aren’t doing right by you. They’re committing to a task you yourself could complete, charging you monthly fees for however long it takes to fix your credit. They’re vague and misleading. Adjusting generic dispute letters, customer after customer, simply isn’t the way anymore. You’re entitled to better. Expect more, and find what you’re looking for here.

White, Jacobs & Associates is an aggressive alternative to these traditional, ineffective methods. An in-house lawyer, an investigative research team, and your own personal credit analyst represent the difference. They’re the kind of credit repair service OKC needs and deserves. WJA prides themselves in their proven process, which seeks to help you refinance, lock in better interest rates, increase credit score, receive approval on that home or auto loan, and so much more. Oklahoma’s motto is “Labor conquers all things.” You work hard, and it’s time that your credit reflects it, that opportunities open up for you and your family. You can work to conquer bad credit with WJA, and you can begin your journey today.


You may find yourself up against a number of hardships all at once. Maybe it’s a single life event that has you down on your luck in the realm of credit. Whatever the case, you don’t have to travel the credit repair road by yourself. White, Jacobs & Associates is here. They understand how things quickly turn messy, how these setbacks prevent you from moving forward. Often, we have to make purchases without the luxury of time. Emergencies surface, families grow exponentially, cars break down, and bills begin to pile up. Both personal and professional partnerships can turn sour when vows or contracts are broken. You come up against job loss, bankruptcy, injury, multiple student loans, legal matters, and all kinds of debt. Maybe you’ve been there before and managed to climb out. But this time, it’s a hole that only seems to grow deeper. This time, you want to increase your credit score and see it last, continuing to climb as you do. You want financial freedom and opportunity in your life again. You’re as great as the Plains you hail from, and you want to feel like it.

Looking to Improve Credit to Buy Home or Car?

Home and auto stand as two highly sought-after loans, and unfortunately, a mortgage company and the like will report your poor credit score immediately. You perhaps know this all too well, but you’re trying to increase your credit score to no avail. Meanwhile, your credit continues to suffer and haunt you. This isn’t how you planned it, but it’s the way things are. And there are credit specialists offering a unique, aggressive approach to credit repair OKC, and they’ll fight for you. They know what to tackle on your personal credit report, and they know exactly how to do it in a timely manner.

If you’re in the market for a new home or car, and even if you’re looking to refinance or secure better interest rates, White, Jacobs & Associates can pave the way. You’ll be partnered with a credit analyst who knows your name and situation each time you call with concerns, questions, and even moments of celebration.

Raise Credit Score for Home Loan Approval, Better Rates & More

By now, you’re probably sensing that WJA is the real deal. They’re the Credit Authority© you need. Their clients begin to see results in as little as 45 days, and their customized plan of action for you will never carry you beyond 6 months. And if for some reason it does, you won’t be charged. White, Jacobs & Associates is the credit repair company OKC can trust. Their in-house law firm, research team, and experienced credit analysts make them the leaders in the industry. They specialize in debt settlement, dispute removal, creditor audits, and so much more.

So, you’re ready to fix credit to buy home or auto? You’re looking for better interest rates or for a sure plan to refinancing? That business loan seems out of reach, but it’s not. In fact, none of it has to be anymore. Discover a trusted partner in WJA. Read about the WJA process right here.

No one wants to spend a year or more with below-average credit repair services. In fact, “below average” is what you’re trying to conquer. Don’t let some credit repair scam take your start-up fee and a year’s worth of monthly payments while essentially failing to accomplish lasting effects. Don’t fall for convenient apps or quick-fixes. You owe it to yourself and anyone in your family to do this the right way. And that happens to be the WJA way.


White, Jacobs & Associates won’t passively handle your credit case. They’re not employing sheepish, inexperienced staff only trained in how to answer the phone, calm you down, and tackle a few FAQs you might throw at them. They’re making some noise, some thunder, if you will. OKC needs a credit repair company that demands attention and action, and that’s the goal of these credit repair professionals OKC knows and trusts.

If all has gone quiet on that Midamerican front, let WJA do the talking for you. Maybe you’ve been turned down more times than you care to admit. Maybe creditors and lenders aren’t speaking with you anymore. Contact White, Jacobs & Associates today for a free consultation to jump-start your credit repair game plan.

As an Oklahoma City resident, you’ve probably seen your share of storms. Take heart in the fact that you can weather this. With WJA’s help, you can overcome bad credit.

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