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Norman, Oklahoma, remains an attractive town due to its favorable cost of living. But how does that serve you if you have a poor credit score? It puts you at a disadvantage against your fellow Oklahomans, who, on average, have a credit score of 690. Anything under 660 is considered poor credit, but not all is lost if you fall into this unfortunate category! White, Jacobs and Associates offers attorney-backed credit repair in Norman, OK.

We take active measures to hike up your credit score, and we seize back your buying power from creditors who benefit from keeping you on the lower spectrum of the scale.

credit repair Norman OK

Take the First Steps to Better Credit Score

Don’t worry. You’re not alone on this mission – we’re your sidekick and guiding light.

We are not one of those passive credit repair companies that stretch out their repair process with mediocre or no results. Traditional companies send out countless automated dispute letters to creditors. And they often make mistakes even in these basic steps – instead of disputing just the questionable negative items in your report, they dispute even the objectively correct ones. That further wastes your time and money, causing you to drift even further away from your plans.

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we are relentless in our alternative approach. We latch onto creditors, auditing them and demanding they show us proof that they fully have the rights to report those questionable entries to credit bureaus.

We have our in-house lawyer team to thank for that since they know the ins and outs of consumer laws in the States.

But first, here’s a short guide on negative items in credit scores.

What Factors Lower Your Score?

Your credit score is a part of your credit report, telling your potential lenders (and possible employers!) if you are a financially responsible individual. Many factors drag your credit score down, such as:

● Maxed-out credit cards
● Late payments
● Student loans
● Repossessions
● And many more

Sometimes you are at fault for these negative scores. But we don’t believe in perfection. We believe in learning and growing. That’s why we don’t just dispute questionable entries – our process involves teaching you how to keep your credit score growing in the long-term with responsible behavior.

And other times, factors outside of our control are to blame for our credit balance. A job loss, a glitch in a credit bureau’s software, a divorce, you name it. WJA spots all of these items and attempts to correct them. And not just fix them by a few points. We aim to send your credit score flying high.

Credit Restoration in Norman, OK Tailored for Your Needs

At White, Jacobs and Associates, we understand that a customized method is needed. We craft a plan suited to your goals and expectations. But we are never dishonest. When you chat with us for your free consultation, our credit analyst reviews your credit reports and breaks it down line by line. If you’re beyond repair, we let you know. Otherwise, we map out a plan for your customized credit repair.

And that plan has four rounds. The real fun starts when we bring in our in-house lawyers during our method’s 3rd and 4th rounds. They are more than ready to audit creditors and build cases against them if they can’t prove that they were right to report some of the items to the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

credit repair Norman OK

What are the Benefits of WJA Norman, OK?

During the first sitdown with our credit specialist, you get a timeframe of when you can expect the process to yield results, a.k.a. when you can expect your credit score to begin its climb.

Conventional credit restoration businesses prolong and stall the process to take as much money from you as they can. That’s why we call them $100-bucks-a-month guys.

At WJA’s credit repair in Norman, OK, we streamline the process and dedicate all our resources to your case. You get your credit analyst assigned to the case while other companies toss you around from one customer service agent to another. With them, you forgo the one-on-one conversations with specialists that dedicate their time and focus on you.

The Truth About Credit Repair

People can be wary of credit repair companies. Unfortunately, we understand. Our colleagues give the industry a bad rep. But credit repair in Norman is entirely possible with the right company by your side. Our investigative research team has your back all the way. From our credit exports to our knowledgeable in-house attorneys, you are in good hands.

Results usually come rolling in after 45-60 days, while our entire process never takes more than six months. That means that if you book your free consultation today, you are just 180 days away from restoring your credit to a better place and fulfilling your financial dreams. Let White, Jacobs and Associates hand over your financial freedom back to you.

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