What is my credit score

The Internet is peppered with advertisements about checking or improving your credit score. Most people perceive credit score as a three-digit number that often determines whether a financial institution such as a bank would grant you a housing or business loan. However, there are also a lot of other ways in which your score affects your life. Asking yourself, “What is my credit score?” is a good place to start.

what is my credit score

What areas of my life are affected by it?

A good credit score can help you save money

You may not need to borrow money now, but in case you want to in the future, your credit score will determine how high your interest rates will be.

The better your score, the lower the interest rate on your loans will be. So, if you are planning to apply for a personal or business loan in the next few years, you may want to take advantage of those free consultations with an agency that can help you determine your credit score.

Your ability to rent or lease an apartment could also be affected by your credit score

Many landlords are concerned about how timely their tenants are when it comes to paying their rent. Because of this, some of them may request to see your credit score before granting you a lease contract on their property.

If your credit score is good, it usually indicates that you are responsible when it comes to settling your financial obligations on time and this will increase your chances of securing the lease. If you want to know what sort of credit it would take to live in your dream neighborhood, sitting down to a free consultation or reviewing a free credit report just might help.

Even your love life can be affected by your credit score

Since people now live in the Age of Information as well as a period of great employment uncertainty, those participating in the modern dating pool are a lot more cautious about the people they will marry.

And because it is quite easy to find out about someone’s credit nowadays, you would do well to keep yours in good standing to increase your chances of marrying someone suitable. Thinking of proposing to someone? Better go in for a free consultation or review a free credit report to check if you have good or bad credit makes your proposal attractive first.

Good credit can make it more likely for you to land your dream job

This is especially true if you are after a high-stakes job in fields like corporate finance or banking, where you need to show that you can be trusted to make responsible financial decisions.

Good credit can often tell your potential employer all that s/he needs to know about your level of financial maturity and responsibility.


Given how important your credit is in so many vital areas of your life, it’s crucial to know where you stand. Fortunately, you can easily sign up for a free consultation with a licensed professional and/or review a free annual credit report by Experian, Equifax or Transunion.

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