How Tyler helped Pam raise her credit score to get a New Home

Pamela’s Credit Score was in the 500s

Pam had been a teacher for 30 years when the only career she’d known was suddenly gone. After the shock and even anger, Pam grew upset. Decades of hard work, and now all she felt was lost. Losing her job set off a disheartening chain reaction: she was forced to turn in her car and came up against several collections. As a result, the repossession reflected in her credit score while medical bills, utility bills, and late payments accumulated there as well. Circumstances beyond her control had pushed her over a sort of edge, into a crippling flood of debt. Eventually, things began looking up, but those negative items on her credit report hurt her buying power significantly. Her goal of owning a home, which had finally felt within reach only a short time ago, was again a distant dream. How would she quickly get her credit score increased and get approved for a new home now?

Enter Tyler, the Credit Guy

Fortunately, Pam’s loan officer connected her with Tyler, a senior credit analyst here at White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA). Tyler carefully reviewed her credit history in detail. He thoroughly examined everything as it appeared on all three credit bureaus. Most importantly, Tyler understood Pam’s specific situation and was able to extend a specific plan of action that could help her as an individual. Their partnership was initially rooted in an explanation of the WJA program and the difference we offer.

Essentially, Tyler presented Pam with her options: work with WJA and see lasting results, or opt for other credit repair companies that would likely fall short. Tyler wanted Pam to know that instead of ineffective, automated disputes, White, Jacobs & Associates would craft customized responses and audits on her behalf. In a 4-round process, our in-house lawyer would back these audits, leading to a noticeable difference in Pam’s credit score in about 30-45 days. Pam appreciated the clear, honest, and aggressive approach. Best of all, Tyler produced a concrete timeline; the program’s duration would not exceed 6 months.

Pam had been drowning in the throes of anxiety and questions for months. Now, she’d discovered WJA, peace of mind, and the answer she’d been searching for.


Pam’s Credit Repair Journey with WJA & Tyler

Tyler, along with the WJA investigative research team and the in-house law firm, worked diligently to help Pamela. She wasn’t just another case in their eyes. She had been through some really tough times lately, and she deserved better. And that’s exactly what she achieved with Tyler and company. Pam saw an 80% deletion rate regarding all of the negative items in her report. And the process was simple on her end. She followed easy, straightforward instructions, sending in results regularly so that the appropriate, aggressive, and customized responses could be formulated during each of the program’s 4 rounds. Further, anytime Pam had questions or concerns along the way, Tyler was there with clarification and encouragement.

Tyler even coached Pam. She learned about adding the right types of positive credit – lessons that would go with her long after the WJA system had set her on track again. Tyler was a trusted, caring guide through it all, and he sought to ensure that Pam’s credit score continued to rise for the long haul. He believed in her growth and wanted her to sustain it. Instead of a quick credit fix, Pam was undergoing an experience, a credit transformation. She and her credit score would never be the same.

Final Results. Pam got a Credit Score Increase

By the end of the program, Pam had reached a mid score in the 700s. She felt confident for the first time in a while. She had her buying power back, along with a renewed sense of purpose and the ability to take steps toward her dream. Pam went back to her loan officer; she now got a credit score increase worthy of a great mortgage. To boot, she was able to refinance her car payment. So, instead of paying $500+ a month, Pam saw her monthly installments lower to $300.

Good Credit Makes All the Difference

Pam and many others who have chosen to team up with White, Jacobs & Associates have said goodbye to bad credit. They decided that a life of rejection and limitation wasn’t for them. The outcome? An open door to financial possibilities. Mortgage approval. Refinance. Large purchase. Loan approvals. Great interest rates. Good credit really does make all the difference. Learn more about the WJA mission here.

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