Jeremy and Mindi’s Story: Credit Scores from the 400s to the 600s

Jeremy and Mindi’s Credit Scores were Suffering

Jeremy and Mindi had faced some serious medical issues that sent the two into what seemed to be an endless downward spiral. Everywhere they turned, they stared at medical collections, charge offs, and even foreclosure on both of their credit reports. Jeremy was a firefighter, and Mindi was an education coordinator. Their hearts longed to help others in times of need and growth, but it was hard to feel inspired when their monetary difficulties were constantly looming overhead, burdening them with an unshakeable sort of weight. These problems took a toll on their personal and professional lives. They were exhausted. Their credit score was suffering, and they were, too. Unfortunately, all of this had also forced them to rent a home and to pay considerably more per month when compared to a regular mortgage payment. They wanted to be homeowners again, but with such financial baggage and accumulating debt blocking the horizon, they lost their vision. They could have easily given up on their dream.

Say Hello to Will, the Credit Medic

But that didn’t happen. Jeremy and Mindi met Will, a passionate, experienced credit analyst here at White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA). Will assessed their credit reports, studying their unique situation and taking into account every detail as each appeared on all three credit bureaus. Will recognized specific ways WJA could help Jeremy and Mindi, and he explained that customized plan from the onset of the program. He wanted the couple to understand why WJA was the obvious choice in successful, enduring credit repair.

Will warned Jeremy and Mindi about the other credit repair companies out there. These traditional repair strategies commonly offered would not yield the lasting results they desired. The pair required a new, aggressive partner. They needed White, Jacobs & Associates in their corner. Will explained that the WJA process was backed by an in-house attorney. Further, instead of being charged an indefinite monthly fee that could honestly dent their accounts for years, Jeremy and Mindi would see results in as little as 30-45 days. They’d also achieve permanent deletions in a maximum of 6 months.

Jeremy and Mindi didn’t have to settle for a mediocre credit repair scam that would simply send out automated, generic disputes. WJA committed to delivering powerful, tailor-made letters and to managing 4 rounds of audits.

Jeremy and Mindi’s Credit Repair Journey with WJA & Will

After the first 2 rounds, Jeremy and Mindi had seen approximately 60% of all their negative items deleted. So, Will, our investigative research team, and our in-house attorney were fighting for the couple and winning results on their behalf. Jeremy and Mindi were cared for because they trusted their special case with the best in the business. At all times, they understood their roles in the plan and worked to follow simple steps. They monitored results regularly, sending these results in so WJA could apply the company’s aggressive strategies. Jeremy and Mindi appreciated how, in everything, Will was present. He was the constant voice that gave them strength and motivation.

Will took things another step further: he coached Jeremy and Mindi on adding positive credit, and that’s when they really began to notice their credit scores rising. Within 90 days of the WJA journey, the two were ecstatic and shopping for new homes. They were dreaming together once more. They hadn’t settled for the credit companies boasting flashy apps and dashboards or quick, easy fixes. Jeremy and Mindi had chosen the right team of experts, and their new credit scores were the proof. Their relationship with Will was even further proof.

Final Results: Jeremy and Mindi Reap the Benefits of Higher Credit Scores

Jeremy and Mindi started the program in August, and by November, they found themselves in their very own home, ready to celebrate the holidays with their families. What’s more, their credit scores continued to rise, so they were able to buy new cars at excellent interest rates. Jeremy even saw his new, strong credit actually advance his career. Today, both he and Mindi continue to refer their friends and acquaintances to Will. And the WJA way carries on and changes lives. Will is still helping many people get their buying power back.

Good Credit Is Worth the Effort

Jeremy and Mindi represent two of many who made the decision to partner with White, Jacobs & Associates. Turns out, bad credit score doesn’t have to take over and ruin your lives. You can conquer it together. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and ready to make a change, contact WJA today – just like thousands of past clients have done with great success.

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