Advanced Credit Repair: Disputes vs. Attorney-backed Audits

Credit repair companies are not created equally. Most just send credit report disputes.

At White Jacobs and Associates, one of the main factors that separates us from 99% of other credit repair companies is our attorney-engaged audits. These audits are part of the reason we have such great success. Credit repair is an industry where most companies do nothing more than sending credit report disputes, re-sending disputes, and then repeating that process over again.

We need to be clear. Disputing the credit bureaus may have some level of success, but the results are typically poor and temporary. Clients often come to us because they are dissatisfied with using a dispute service. There are a ton of them out there. You may have heard of this one.
Perhaps the most surprising thing is that you can send credit report disputes yourself! A disputing service is basically doing something you can do on your own.


So how are audits different than credit report disputes?

The act of auditing creditors breaks from the traditional model of repeatedly sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus. When we audit creditors, we legally demand that they show us proof (we call it “validation”) of their ability to report these items on your credit. Often times, they cannot provide the proof so they are required, by law, to remove those items from your credit.
It’s similar to getting a ticket for speeding and going to court. What happens if the police officer doesn’t show up? Or what if the office cannot show proof? They dismiss your ticket. And that’s how it works with auditing creditors.

Here is how it breaks down…

If the audit isn’t perfect, it’s imperfect.
If it’s imperfect, it’s inaccurate.
And if it’s inaccurate, it has to be deleted.

That’s the power of audits.

Why don’t all credit repair companies do this?

Performing audits takes more time, more resources, and more strategizing. Few companies are willing to partner with a law firm. Few companies are willing to create and continuously develop an investigative research team whose mission is to uncover inconsistencies and customize responses to each creditor.

Quality vs Quantity

As with most things, if you want quality instead of quantity you a company that takes the time, does the diligence, and employs the right resources. A person in need of credit repair can hire a company like WJA that takes an advanced approach with audits (quality), or go with a run-of-the-mill company that sends out repeated credit report disputes (quantity). A little online research will reveal the types of results obtained from choosing the “100-bucks-a-month” disputing companies. A little more research will reveal the satisfaction expressed by WJA’s past clients. Google us. Check out our reputation on Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, and more.

The choice is yours. Are you opposed to a free credit review and consultation? We hope not because we’d love to talk to you. If you’re a good fit for our program, it could be the start of your path to better credit. Getting your buying power back is our mission. If that sounds like your mission too, we should probably talk. Your personal credit analyst is one step away. You know what to do.

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