Sky Blue Credit vs. White, Jacobs & Associates

Collections, charge-offs, bankruptcy, repossessions, foreclosures: these can be terrifying words and experiences for many people unless you have a White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA) credit analyst on your side. You’ll find that numerous credit repair companies like Sky Blue Credit advertise a simple and quick plan, but when has anything worth having come quickly, simply, or easily? Usually, that’s not the case.

Don’t be fooled into thinking credit repair is an easy, breezy fix. When you encounter a professional, caring credit analyst with years of experience and passion, you understand that you’re not alone. You understand with White, Jacobs & Associates that the process takes some time, but the results are enduring ones. Stay tuned as we have a look at the differences between Sky Blue Credit and the national credit restoration organization White, Jacobs & Associates.

Sky Blue Credit’s Promotional Reviews vs. Other Testimonials

In reviewing Sky Blue Credit’s advertising, they seem to promote a reliable service. They’re focused on some of our culture’s favorite words: “better,” “simple,” and “quicker.”

White, Jacobs & Associates promotes values in a much different manner. On the website, you’ll see words like “committed” and “changing your life.” We’re client-centered, and rather than speed and ease, we’re focused solely on you and how your credit is holding you back from accomplishing your current goals.

When we searched “Sky Blue Credit Repair complaints,” we found that customers found the Sky Blue experience to be “frustrating” and “hectic.” And honestly, that’s what this quick-fix mentality gets you. At White, Jacobs & Associates, we aim to make you feel secure, valued, and stronger. We work with you to budget, coach you to remain committed throughout our process, and instill within you knowledge and advice that goes with you after we’ve repaired your credit.

Often, an online review of Sky Blue Credit mentions the “friendly” customer service, and the review stops there. At WJA, we strive to exceed the review of simply “friendly.” Our credit analysts are in the business because they truly care. They’re dedicated to their clients, who choose to open up about struggles and who commit to hold to a strict budget and do things the thorough, tried and proven way. We establish professional, successful relationships.

WJA doesn’t cut corners. We’re not about “better,” “quicker,” and “simple.” We’re about “the best,” “careful,” and “diligent” – with a process to back it up. We know great credit repair results take time, but your improved, healthy score, which will actually endure in the long-haul, is all worth it in the end.

Comparing the Length of the Programs

Once again, Sky Blue Credit drops words like “extremely efficient” and “consistent pace” when discussing how long results usually take. They stand by their “quicker” mantra.

First, at White, Jacobs & Associates, we think of you as our individual “client,” not a one-time, surface-level “customer.” Being a client comes with a sense of loyalty, and we’re committed to seeing you through this credit repair journey in a maximum of 180 days. In most cases, our clients start to see results within the first 45 days. We get results because our mission is fundamentally different from other companies.

See? In reality, Sky Blue Credit isn’t “quicker,” and that monthly payment will continue, potentially for years, because that’s how they make money. At WJA, we’ll discuss the process with you early on; you’ll know what to expect, and you’ll have a caring credit analyst on your side throughout our program.

As we mentioned before, we typically begin receiving results within 30-45 days. This delay is due to the lagging but lawful response time of creditors and bureaus. We’re aware of and fully compliant with all FTC standards, as well as Title 5 Sec. 393 of the Texas Finance Code.

The Power of an In-House Law Firm

After WJA determines that you’re a promising fit for our program, your specific situation is passed along to our investigative research team. We know that generic letters don’t get great results so materials are customized. We’re not casting out a general, vague net of imprecise form dispute letters with hopes of garnering the information that truly matters. We work with an in-house attorney, which isn’t the case at Sky Blue Credit.

Here at WJA, your gameplan is, in fact, yours, and we’re not the type of company that sends out generic dispute letters. On the contrary, we customize your credit gameplan and we go after everything from the onset. Our staff does whatever it takes to put you on the right life path again. Above all, we want to see you reach your financial goals. We believe in the details, in the hard work required for lasting effects. The customized approach we’ve refined and improved over the years sees enduring results.

We cover all the bases: an in-house law firm that we partner with and the research team are involved in the audits and demands that are sent out to original creditors, all 3 bureaus, public records, medical facilities, and collection agencies. These necessary steps are meant to discourage re-reporting of the items we work to remove during your credit repair. If we delete items, they should remain deleted. If the same items are ever re-reported, White, Jacobs & Associates will take care of matter at no charge to you.

Our process is a wonderfully unique one. Search Sky Blue Credit’s website over, and you’ll find no mention of what White, Jacobs & Associates affords. You’ll meet and work with an assigned expert credit analyst, and they’ll be your contact during the entire process. They’ll guide you, encourage you, and extend advice that will impact your life and go with you beyond our program. Sky Blue Credit offers a “customer-friendly organization.” They don’t expand on these details because the details are probably not that great.

Resources for the Road Ahead

And we don’t stop there. White, Jacobs & Associates works around-the-calendar to establish healthy, professional relationships with trusted mortgage lenders, realtors, CPAs, loan officers, and financial planners from all over the country.

Our entire program was designed to assist mortgage brokers in getting their clients approved for a home.

We commit further to helping you locate lenders in your designated area whom we value and know will continue to respect and care for you and your family.

If your dream is to move into a new home, then once you’re qualified with your credit-repaired scores, then WJA makes sure to connect you with your loan officer so that things keep progressing. A loan that was out of your reach initially can be within your grasp again. We’ll prepare you for lending requirements, and we’re even happy to see that mortgage professionals receive emails along your journey so that they’re aware of the most up-to-date reports concerning your credit. This can, of course, affect turn-around times that lead to you and your family closing on a mortgage and making your dreams come true after you’ve worked so hard and waited for such a big life-change.

The Extra Mile

As we’re investigating your specific set of circumstances, we’re also preparing you for future lending requirements and educating you regarding the most effective ways to employ lines of credit as financial tools. After we’ve removed looming credit report items that stem from violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and HIPAA, we’re going the extra mile because your credit, along with your road to a better life, is our passion. We want to help you rid yourself of bad credit and build new credit. We’ll assist you in establishing new, appropriate trade lines.

Your Credit, Our Concern

The bottom line is that Sky Blue Credit is not offering the easy, quick blue skies you may expect. Their process doesn’t seem to be on par with their promise. They’re extending a very surface-level program that may not get the results you’re hoping. White, Jacobs & Associates employs a team of expert credit analysts, investigative researchers, and an in-house attorney. Their expertise will put you and your family on the best path to a new life.

We can help with mortgages, auto loans, insurance, lines of credit, and even employment. No matter the hardship you face, White, Jacobs & Associates has seen a similar situation in their years of experience. But we’ll still treat you with the loyalty and customized plan you deserve. No blanket letters will be cast out into the creditor seas, and we’ll combat responses we receive with specifics that demand change. We will fight for you and your goals.

Talk to a credit analyst today, and take advantage of our no-cost consultation. WJA won’t bring you into our proven program if we see you aren’t a good fit. Just know that we get to work as soon as you’re signed up. An increased credit score is certainly life-altering. So many opportunities await you.

We know your circumstances may be intricate and overwhelming, but we also know that you’re capable of rising above it all with our help. If you’re feeling discouraged, reach out to us now! Or, you can check out what our past clients have to say.

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