Credit score increase success! How Nikki Helped Jessica fix her credit


Jessica Felt Embarrassed About Her Poor Credit Score

Most people will experience a financial hiccup at some point in their lives, and having a poor credit score can make you feel discouraged and not knowing what to do next. As a single mother, Jessica had met with some pretty harsh realities in her young life. She desperately wanted to provide for her son and give him the life he deserved, but it was difficult to make ends meet. The two needed a bigger home and reliable, safe transportation. Her credit score was personal, of course. For so long, she was able to live without really thinking about it, but now it mattered. It no longer affected her alone; her son was at the center of everything. Jessica felt irresponsible and defeated. Feelings of guilt plagued her, and she was very nervous about talking to a credit analyst. What if they couldn’t help her? What if they made her feel even worse about letting things spin out of control? Despite her fears and insecurities, she took advantage of the free consultation. And she never looked back.

Along Came Nikki, Credit Analyst & Breath of Fresh Air

Nikki had worked in credit restoration for over a decade, so she was experienced and passionate about her career at White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA). Even before her time as a credit expert, she had worked for a mortgage company and seen firsthand how improved credit transformed lives. With a strong investigative research team and an attorney-backed system, WJA was doing things the right way. Nikki found it to be a great fit. At WJA, Nikki partnered with clients who were able to get new homes, cars, jobs, loans, and more.

Nikki was actually partnered with Jessica, and come to find out, a previous client had referred her. Jessica’s voice shook on the initial phone call. Nikki seemed nice, but Jessica wasn’t comfortable facing these scary facts with a stranger. She felt embarrassed and anxious. Nikki, though, was very reassuring. She’d seen it all. She encouraged Jessica, saying that most of the time, credit gets messy because of sudden difficulties and emergencies that happen to everyone. Nikki wasn’t there to judge. She was there to help Jessica achieve the life she envisioned for herself and her little boy.

When Jessica finally opened up about her worries and goals, comfort levels rose. Jessica committed to doing whatever it took to help her improve her poor credit score. Nikki explained it would definitely take some time and sacrifice. Jessica understood improvements wouldn’t happen overnight, but she was hopeful. She also understood she had a guide, coach, and friend in Nikki. Together, the two developed a plan for Jessica’s budget, and throughout the process, Jessica learned so much about managing her finances. WJA was preparing her for the future. Even after the program, Nikki desired for Jessica’s credit to continue rising.

Jessica’s Credit Repair Journey with WJA & Nikki

When they started, Jessica had 13 collections and charge-offs on her credit report, along with about $9500 in collection balances. Further, she had around 20 late payments on other accounts. If Jessica had opted to journey alone, this situation might’ve seemed impossible. But with WJA’s credit expertise, dedication to research and 4 rounds of audits, as well as their in-house lawyer, Jessica would have the lasting results she longed for.

WJA is different than Lexington Law and the like. They know the value in customized plans and dispute letters. Jessica understood upfront that the program would take 6 months. During that time, she’d see results in as little as 30 days, and Nikki would also help her read through confusing letters from creditors, collectors, and bureaus. To boot, Nikki would coach Jessica in establishing some positive credit.

Jessica cried the day Nikki delivered the wonderful news: every single negative item had been deleted. Nikki had been the voice calming Jessica when the journey began, and now, Nikki was the voice celebrating with her when the first fruits surfaced after only 45 days! Jessica’s credit score had gone from the 500s to the 700s.

Final Results: Jessica’s Higher Credit Score & Better Life

In the end, Jessica and her son found themselves with a beautiful new home, a reliable car, and most importantly, security for the future. Jessica sacrificed her time and energy and committed to a budgeting plan that wasn’t easy. But now, her little boy is happy and healthy. And she is, too. She and Nikki are Facebook friends and keep in touch regularly. WJA was more than credit repair for Jessica; they were like family.

Take Steps to Better Credit

Getting started isn’t always easy. You may be nervous, afraid you’ll be mocked or discouraged. But you won’t be. Don’t put this off. Take the first steps toward better credit with WJA today.

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