LeAnn Increases Credit Scores for Tammy and Greg for Mortgage Approval

Reservations About Credit Repair

Even though they found themselves in serious need of credit help for a mortgage approval, Tammy and Greg were still rather wary of credit repair at the onset. Was it the best path for them? They had run into previous financial difficulties that now prevented them from securing a good interest rate for a new home. The burden was too confusing, tedious, and overwhelming to shoulder alone. They needed a solid plan, a tried-and-true system that would yield the results they required. With late payments on his car and a couple of tax liens, Greg also stared at outright incorrect profile information on his credit report. Tammy’s reflected several collections, charge offs, and late payments on her student loans as well.

The couple had a very specific goal in mind. But they needed assistance in making the mortgage approval happen in an organized, proven, and timely manner. Their loan officer sent them to LeAnn, and that’s where their success story began.

Say Hello to LeAnn, the Professional Credit Analyst with a Plan

LeAnn entered the scene with experience. She believed in Tammy and Greg’s potential and saw exactly how she could help them take meaningful, strategic steps toward lasting, healthy credit. She assessed their particular case and presented the very unique credit repair process at White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA). Competitors, such as Lexington Law and Sky Blue, weren’t going to provide personalized, detail-oriented, and enduring credit restoration backed by extensive research and a lawyer.

LeAnn further explained that Tammy and Greg would likely see tangible results within the first 30-45 days because WJA would tackle everything on the credit reports from the start. Rather than fruitless, automated disputes, WJA would craft customized responses and audits on the couple’s behalf. Their case would be fully supported by the in-house attorney and investigative research team. A better credit score was not simply possible but also within reach.

Greg still wasn’t sure. LeAnn thoroughly described the system and answered their questions, but he was nervous. Would the program work for them? Could they be successful here? This was an investment, and he really wanted to make a smart financial decision. Though the couple decided to hold off on enrolling Tammy, they determined they would sign Greg up and give WJA a chance. Of course, they saw improvements on Greg’s credit report within the anticipated timeline, and Tammy signed up soon as well.

Individual Situations, Individual Care

Tammy’s profile actually required a different approach, and LeAnn noticed it right away. LeAnn presented the customized path to the couple, and they jumped aboard, fully trusting her knowledge and expertise. LeAnn coached Tammy through adding a revolving line of credit; together, they would focus on removing inaccurate and negative items from Tammy’s credit report. Throughout the process, Tammy and Greg worked alongside the same analyst: it was always LeAnn. She got to know them, as well as their needs and goals. She understood their particular case, and whenever they had questions, concerns, and even celebrations along the way, LeAnn was there to answer, listen, and celebrate with them.

Final Results: Tammy & Greg See New Scores & a Mortgage Approval for a New Home

WJA was able to raise the couple’s FICO midscore an average of more than 80 points each. Tammy and Greg were now in the ideal position to make their new home purchase. Stronger credit meant stronger buying power, and they reaped the benefits. Only 6 months earlier, these two had merely dreamed of a new home, and now, the vision had become a reality. They wanted to make a smart financial move for their future, and they did exactly that with WJA and with their personal credit analyst, partner, and coach, LeAnn.

Know A Good Thing When You See It

You can read more success stories here on our site. Success means different things for different individuals, and White, Jacobs & Associates understands that. That’s why we offer customized programs and tailored dispute letters that target your specific credit needs and your ultimate goals. We’re not a one-size-fits-all company. We don’t view you as 100 bucks per month indefinitely.

Our program never exceeds 6 months max. If yours happens to do so, you won’t be charged beyond that timeframe. To boot, we won’t even bring you on as a client unless we know you’re a good fit for the system. We hope you realize that with a partner like LeAnn on your side, you’re going to see results. The WJA team makes you a priority and your dream a possibility.

Want a Mortgage Approval? Take Steps to Better Credit

Getting started isn’t always easy. You may be nervous, afraid you’ll be mocked or discouraged. But you won’t be. Don’t put this off. Take the first steps toward better credit with WJA today.

Read some real testimonials from past clients here.

Learn more about our 4-round process. Head’s up – we’re NOT just a disputing service.

The reason we’ve been able to maintain our reputation is our commitment to our mission.

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