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Discouraged or even depressed about the dreaded D-word? Negative debt can keep you from getting a new home, a refinance, a new car, and good interest rates. But with a credit expert from White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA) along for your journey, that nasty D-word doesn’t have to consume and control you.

Freedom awaits if you partner with the right team. Companies like pride themselves in their $99.95/month plan and all of their online gadgets like their personal dashboard, score tracker, mobile apps, and text and email alerts. In contrast, White, Jacobs & Associates is a national credit restoration organization that offers something more tangible.

Instead of gadgets and a name-less team working on your case, WJA acknowledges your unique situation and pairs you with one of our credit repair analysts for the road ahead. This is your life, after all. Snazzy trackers and apps aren’t going to give you comfort and encouragement, or the lasting credit score and financial advice you seek. You’d prefer a real person that keeps you up-to-date on your progress through a well-structured program. Keep reading to learn even more about why isn’t your best bet. Advertised vs. Reality

More than likely, you’ve seen some of’s advertising that showcases testimonials full of high praise. Online reviews seem to celebrate their “sleek interface” as one of the most notable features. Are you interested in tracking data, OR are you interested in getting results with a beginning-to-end partner that addresses your specific concerns and struggles, learning about how to better face the future once your credit is back on track?

At White, Jacobs & Associates, we’re assuming you’re interested in the latter of those options, and that’s the business we’re about. In reality, a shiny dashboard isn’t going to get results or instill what you need for the journey that continues after your credit is restored. is popular. We’ll give them that. Their domain name may have a lot to do with that. In reading their online and printed reviews they’ve selected for their site, there is no mention of one-on-one discussions with a single expert handling your specific case.

We’re less about focusing excessively on the technology side of things and fancy app features. The reason you’re up-to-date with WJA is because you have access to your personal expert credit analyst. We really believe in our process. Our proven system has its roots in real communication. You won’t be interacting with a dashboard and contacting a big customer service department when you’re confused. You’ll stick with the same credit analyst for the duration of our program, and you’ll learn how to better manage your finances in the future. White, Jacobs & Associates invests in you and your success because we understand that you’re investing in us. We’re writing your story together. We love turning a bad credit story into a good one.

You need a voice that’s in tune with your history, your anxieties, and your goals. You need a trusted, experienced credit analyst who listens, understands, and works to make your individual situation better. You need a professional teammate who knows your financial history because you’re a person with real concerns, responsibilities, and dreams. White, Jacobs & Associates realizes this in a world that, unfortunately, often views you as a profile picture and status updates.

Duration of Programs – vs White Jacobs and Associates boasts a catchy “40 in 4” campaign. They say that 4-month members have seen an average of a 40-point increase on their TransUnion credit scores. However, they do not give you a time limit in their FAQs. There are no guarantees, and this could go on for a while if your circumstances require it. It’s a shady answer at best.

Because the WJA process goes after all the items on your credit report upfront, most of our clients start to see results within 30-45 days, and that timeline is simply due to the slow but completely lawful response time allowed for creditors and bureaus.

WJA is committed to helping you in a maximum of 180 days, and if for any reason your customized credit repair plan should carry on past that 180-day mark, then we won’t charge you extra. With, there are no such guarantees. They can suggest your credit repair path continue on and on, month after month, $99.95 payment after $99.95 payment. They say after the sign-up fee and monthly installments that “there will never be any additional costs or fees – it’s that straightforward.” But it seems less than straightforward without an estimation or at least an average length of the program based on past clients.

White, Jacobs & Associates normally sees our clients reach their goals within 90 days. We’re upfront about that fact based on our experience. We’re also not going to put you in our program unless we think you’re a good fit. We’re, of course, fully aware and always compliant with all FTC standards, along with Title 5 Sec 393 of the Texas Finance Code.

In-House Attorneys with White, Jacobs & Associates

You’re not going to find this major key factor on’s website because few leading credit repair companies like them have it. White, Jacobs & Associates not only affords you a personal expert credit analyst/partner but also has full access to a highly successful investigative research team, as well as an in-house law firm.

Our research team customizes your materials instead of simply sending out form-based dispute letters

Once we discover that you’re a good candidate for our unique program, our research team customizes your materials instead of simply sending out form-based dispute letters. So many credit repair companies depend on those for that quick turn-around they advertise. When you don’t take the time to customize audits, you’re not going to, in turn, receive the results you truly seek and require.

WJA is not about cutting corners. We’re not only concerned with making everything happen quickly. This is your life path, and you’re letting us take the reins. We’re going to give you our best and the best. We desire to see you meet with your ultimate financial goals. We know that the details matter if you want to see a necessary change that lasts.

We’re involved on all levels, with audits and with the demands that make their way to creditors, bureaus, public records, collections, and attorneys general states. WJA aims for no re-reporting. We never want to see the items we removed surfacing again. When we take care of you, we do it thoroughly. If you ever see the same item re-reported, White, Jacobs & Associates will step in immediately at absolutely no charge to you. Even if you’re years down the road from your initial repair, we’ll be there.

Resources after Completion to Reach Your Goals

It gets better. Our process is designed around the mortgage industry. White, Jacobs & Associates always seeks to maintain our professional relationships with mortgage lenders, CPAs, loan officers, realtors, and life and financial planners all across America. We’ve grown to know and trust certain community leaders through the years, and we’ll put you in touch with the best when the time comes. When you’re part of the WJA family, rest assured you’ll be treated with respect before you’re a client, when you’re a client, and even beyond your time with us. If you’re working with a loan officer, we can make sure they are updated on your progress

We want you to keep the momentum rolling, so if you’ve been dreaming of that new house with the corner lot, we want to assure that your loan officer (if you’re working with one) is aware of everything. When you are qualified and when the time is now, we want you to be ready. We’ll educate you and even send mortgage professionals the news of your progress during your WJA journey. Turn-around time regarding the closing of loans can be expedited when everyone in your credit repair circle is receiving the proper, up-to-date information.

Make the Right Decision

By now, you know that the right decision is the White, Jacobs & Associates option. We’re thorough with our expert credit analysts, research teams, and in-house law firm. So, if you’re facing that once-dreaded D-word, or need help with lines of credit, auto loans, mortgages, and more, contact us for loyal partners that will see you through. We’re more than a “customized plan.” We’re an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on. We’ll fight for you and your particular circumstances. Your goals matter to us, and with our help, we know you can achieve them.

Contact WJA today for a no-cost consultation. We’re in the business of giving you a new D-word: dream. Reach out if you’re interested in placing your looming debt in the past and dreaming bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before. Feel free to read a bit about the people we’ve helped already.

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