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Meet the team

Top credit repair company in Nebraska

From the breathtaking views to the music scene to the famous red beer, Nebraska has much more to offer than corn and beef. But let’s be honest: if you want to enjoy all things Nebraska, you need to have good credit. A fast, effective and reputable credit repair company in Nebraska can help you live up to your financial goals.

You may have done everything by the book and still end up with far-from-perfect credit. Divorce, job loss, medical emergency, any or even a combination of these can happen and take a serious toll on your credit score.
Whatever the reason, you don’t have to bear the brunt of one unfortunate event or bad decision your whole life. There are ways to improve your credit score and White, Jacobs and Associates (WJA) has developed a 4-round process consisting of the practices that are truly proven to work to help you achieve that.

credit repair Nebraska

What does a good credit score look like in Nebraska?

The two most commonly used credit scoring models in the U.S are FICO and VantageScore, both of which range between 300 and 850. The FICO national average was 714 in 2021 but this score varies by state. For residents of Nebraska, it was actually above the national average that year at 731.

You might be worried that if your score is lower than that, you automatically won’t be approved for a loan. The good news is that’s not always the case and you can still get approved for a loan. The bad news is that a low credit score usually makes it more difficult to get the best terms possible. However, there are ways you can improve your credit score and that’s where WJA comes in!

A different type of credit repair service

We’ve developed a unique 4-round process based on best practices to help you improve your credit scores and get the best possible terms from your lender. Just a few points up can equal a lower interest rate and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term. Our team of experienced credit experts will support you every step of the way and will even provide you with some coaching throughout the way so that you can leave the program fully equipped to reach your financial goals.

Here’s how WJA does credit repair in Nebraska

Our 4-round process is designed with one single goal in mind: to remove the negative credit items from your credit reports and add positive ones in a quick and efficient way. How do we achieve that?

Our program runs for 6 months, at most, with most of our customers reporting results within the first 45-60 days. Within that time frame, we go through the following steps:

1) Once you reach out, we will pair you with a credit expert who will examine your credit report and identify the level of success you can achieve with the program. If you are a good fit, that person will also become your first point of contact throughout the whole process, meaning you can contact them at any point for updates.
2) Once your report has been evaluated and clear expectations have been set, our investigative research (IR) team will come up with a plan for action and start working on it.
3) The IR team will review your correspondence with the creditors and craft tailored replies to get the best possible results. That’s why we often ask our clients to constantly keep us in the loop and forward all postal mail to our office.

Most importantly, each of these steps will be tailored depending on YOUR specific circumstances. That’s why our approach is one of a kind. But there is one more secret ingredient to our process that sets us apart.

What we do differently from other companies

You are probably familiar with what most other Nebraska credit repair companies out there do to improve credit scores: dispute, dispute, and then dispute some more. They often do that using automatically generated dispute letters and are charging you a monthly fee for that!

If you have stumbled upon one of these services, then you’ll know that this process can take forever while bringing little results, if any. Simply put, that’s because they are getting a monthly fee for automated service and have no motivation to resolve your case sooner.

At WJA, we don’t send dispute letters asking your creditors to remove the negative items. Instead, we demand proof that they have the right to forward them to the bureaus. And if they can’t provide one, they are obligated to remove the item from your report.

You’d be surprised how often negative credit items are reported by mistake. It is our job to fix that so you can be on your way to financial stability as soon as possible.

credit repair Nebraska

Is credit repair legal in Nebraska?

Yes, credit repair is a 100% legal process. The law even states that you can try and resolve credit errors on your own. However, that’s a complex battle and the creditors are usually better prepared for it than you.

You need a team of professionals by your side who know all the stall tactics and how to react to them. Our aggressive process provides precisely that and it is fully designed in accordance with the laws. These laws include the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and HIPPA laws.

Where can I find out more?

If you are ready to take your financial life to the next level, reach out to schedule a one-to-one consultation with us. During this free session, you will learn if the program is suitable for you and what to expect. The worst that could happen is that you’ll leave with some financial coaching at no cost.

Either way, we will take your case individually and put all our knowledge and expertise into practice to help you get your buying power back as soon as possible. We’ve helped many other people achieve their financial goals, and we will gladly do it for you too.

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