Nathan Biller

With my 6+ years of experience in Credit Restoration & Education, I am able to assist you in improving your credit rating by providing solutions. My professional expertise and education combined with the power of our attorney’s office provides unmatched results. Solutions at White, Jacobs, & Associates include removing derogatory items from credit reports, consumer services, and establishing new lines of credit. 

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A Bit About Me

Credit restoration is more than my job. I’m passionate about my career and especially my clients. Every day, I’m helping consumers who feel financially stuck. I’m partnering with mortgage industry professionals across the country as they assist their own clients. Poor credit scores and derogatory items on reports put dreams on pause or stop them altogether. I’m in the business of changing that.

And with WJA, you’ll meet with improvement in 6 months or less. Actually, you’ll likely start seeing results in as little as 30-45 days. Our approach is an aggressive one. I coach my clients from beginning to end as they re-establish positive lines of credit. Meanwhile, I’m backed by an in-house lawyer and investigative research team. They’re carrying out a 4-round audit process, enforcing credit acts and laws, and deleting negative/inaccurate items.

Nicole L.

I must admit I was skeptical at first and fearful that it wouldn’t be worth the money…but IT TOTALLY WAS!! Nathan helped my credit score increase by 100pts just as he predicted. #Thankful

Alyssa K.

I highly recommend Nathan Biller. He was able to bring my score from a 520 to a 740 in just a few months. He always kept me up to date on how things were progressing. So excited to be able to buy a house!

Angela P.

I initially talked to Nathan since my sister referred me over to him. I dotted all my I’s and checked all my t’s. I realized this was the company for me. However, I just could not come up with the money needed to make their program work for me. Two months later Nathan contacted me and helped me work out a plan that I could manage financially. He made me realize how much money I was losing with bad credit. I am referring all of my friends and family to call Nathan. You should do the same. 

Camilla W.

Wow! After consulting with Nathan Biller and following his advice, my credit score has jumped 82 and 94 points! I am in the “Good” zone for the first time in 5 years. Thank you thank you thank you Nathan!

I care about your credit.

Nathan Biller – Credit Analyst

I’m committed to designing a customized game plan for you. Credit isn’t one-size-fits-all, and traditional methods aren’t working anymore.

I hope you’ll reach out today and discover the alternative in credit repair. You’ll be involved. You’ll learn. You can grow and achieve a dream you’ve maybe given up on. If you’re in the mortgage industry, or any other industry where you’re having to turn down business because of bad credit, don’t hesitate. Contact me. Don’t let opportunities keep passing you by. I’m here and ready to talk.

You are taking a step in the right direction.

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