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Shreveport has recently seen an economic revitalization plan put into action, but it will still be years before you can feel its effects. In the meantime, the cost of living has gone up and you need every economic advantage you can get. You need to defend your credit as best you can, and White, Jacobs and Associates offers the credit repair Shreveport deserves.

The reason you have bad credit is only important to us so that we know how to fix it. We’ve seen it all – medical issues, difficult divorces, or bad financial decisions years ago. None of this should have a negative impact on your financial situation for years on end. WJA is here to improve your credit score the right way.

Credit Repair Shreveport, LA

Why You Need A Good Credit Score

Your score is critical for your financial future. There are two primary reasons why you need a good credit score – getting a large loan and getting a good interest rate on your loan. Your credit score is the numerical value that credit bureaus attach to you after analyzing your credit report, and it goes from 300 to 850. They judge the risk factor in you not returning the money you borrow.

However, it is not in the lenders’ best interest for you to have a good credit score. They want to know that you will pay your debts, yes, but they also want to charge you the highest interest rate they can. The better your credit score is, the more options for a loan you have, and consequently the better interest rates you get. This is why you should always ensure your credit score is the highest it can be before borrowing money.

Is Credit Rating the Same as Credit Score?

They are very similar and you won’t make a mistake if you use them interchangeably. The main difference is that a credit rating is expressed in letter grades instead of numbers, and it is used to judge businesses, not individuals. WJA focusses on working with individuals.

How We Improve Your Credit Score

There are two methods by which we improve your credit score – we counsel you on how to add positive credit, while we use our unique 4-round process to aggressively remove any negative items on your credit report.

How You Add Positive Credit

We look at the available credit lines and your existing debt, then counsel you on how to optimize your credit accounts. One example is called the credit utilization ratio which can make up to 30% of your score (our credit specialist will explain in detail how it works). We will guide you in improving it. Another example is the need to add tradelines to your account, which can be either revolving or installment accounts. We coach you on each of these when you begin the program.

How We Go After Negative Items

This is the part of credit repair services where White, Jacobs and Associates truly shines. Our results are due to our special 4-round process and hands-on approach. You will be assigned a personal credit analyst who will analyze your report and credit history, see if you are a good fit, and create a custom plan for your specific situation. Then, it’s full steam ahead.

We not only dispute, but also audit, any negative items that are worth it – late payments, collection accounts, medical collections, repossessions, student loans, bankruptcies, etc.; if it’s on your report, we’ve seen it. Once your creditors start responding we will analyze which items were removed and which weren’t. At this point, most credit repair companies continue doing the same thing over and over again. Guess how effective that is?

We will continue applying pressure by auditing the specific items which were not removed. Your creditors and credit bureaus need to show us proof that they have a right to report the items. Otherwise, they are legally obligated to remove them.

The more desperate ones will continue being stubborn and that is when we unleash our in-house law firm. There are multiple laws designed to protect you from unlawful creditor activities and our (and now yours, too) lawyers will leverage every legal protection you have to delete negative items from your credit report.

Credit Repair Shreveport, LA

How Long Does Credit Repair Process Take in Shreveport, LA?

You can expect to start seeing results within the first 45-60 days of our involvement. At this point the credit bureaus will try to contact you – we suggest you ignore them and forward all communication to us. Because each situation is unique, we cannot guarantee exactly when your score will start improving, but we will give you an assessment of how long it should take.

At most, our process lasts for 6 months. We have no intention of charging you monthly fees if the tactics we use prove ineffective. Our reputation is based on quick and efficient credit repair. We will not string you along if your situation cannot be helped.

How White, Jacobs and Associates Does Credit Repair Differently in Shreveport, LA

We don’t use traditional repair methods. The other credit repair companies you can find in Shreveport are more than happy to send dispute letters and prolong the process for as long as you are willing to pay. We will not simply dispute an item on your report, we will audit your creditors and put pressure on them with our credit attorneys.

WJA will tailor the process specific to your situation. On the off chance that we can’t improve your score, we will tell you directly, without continuing to take your money. We believe that the credit repair Shreveport, Lousianna deserves is aggressive and hands-on. It would shame us to use the same inept tactics the other guys use. Our mission is to get your buying power back and to do it now.

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