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Peoria, IL, is a city with around 113,000 citizens. With its suburban feel and favorable housing market, it can be a great place to build your future. If your credit scores suffered a hit during the pandemic, it may be a little harder to translate your plans into reality. So if you are looking for expert credit repair in Peoria, IL, we have the answer to your woes. White, Jacobs and Associates (WJA) provides credit restoration services for affordable prices tailored to your needs.

With WJA, you will be on the best track to seize back your buying power.

credit repair Peoria IL

What Is the Average Credit Score in Illinois?

Why do people need credit repair anyways?

Credit repair is vital because a low credit score tells prospective creditors and lenders that you can’t be trusted with paying back loans. That could close the door to many opportunities, like purchasing a home, refinancing your existing home, getting a favorable interest rate for a big purchase, and so on.

Credit score is graded in the 300-850 range. If you want a good credit score, you need to fix it so it’s at least 660 points or higher. But you should also pay attention to the average credit score in your range. Because sometimes, having a credit score that is just a bit more than 660 is not enough.

Take Illinois, for example. It has an average credit score of 716. That means that many of its citizens have a good credit score and will be considerable competition for you when applying for loans and seeking favorable interest rates.

So it’s imperative that you boost your credit as much as possible. And for a chance of that, you need the best credit repair in Peoria, IL, provided by White, Jacobs and Associates.

What are the most common causes of poor credit scores?

Your credit trustworthiness can dip because of lots of reasons. Some of the most common ones are:
● Lack of Positive Credit
● Late payments
● Repossessions
● Fraud
● Medical collections

While you can avoid some of these in advance by staying informed and being financially responsible, some of these factors can strike you unannounced. That is what happened to a lot of people due to the pandemic and the subsequent economic recession.

You don’t deserve to suffer from poor credit your whole life. No one does. That is why, no matter the root cause of your credit numbers, WJA is ready to help you climb back on your horse and charge on.

WJA’s Credit Repair Method in Peoria

White, Jacobs and Associates offers a unique approach to credit repair in Peoria, Illinois. We have a 4-round system that centers on a philosophy of alternative and aggressive credit repair.

Our starting point is a free assessment of your situation. There are two reasons why we perform it. The first one is that we need to figure out if your credit is even repairable. Our professional pillars are honesty and transparency. If the credit analyst we assign to you deems your score unrepairable, we won’t begin the credit restoration process at all. Taking money from people who we can’t help is not something we do.

If we can help you, we’ll set the right expectations moving forward. All of our clients get a tailor-made credit repair plan. If you’re looking for a cheap, cookie-cutter type of program – there are plenty of those companies out there.

Our Investigative Research team and our credit analysts employ a 4-round process of custom letters (based on responses we receive) to the creditors and lenders that are reporting negative information on your credit report. They do that to dispute questionable items in your report, get them removed, and thus raise your score. If the creditors and lenders are not eager to cooperate, we bring in our justice-hungry team of partnered attorneys. That happens during the 3rd and 4th rounds of our unique process.

You would be surprised how frequently bureaus list negative items in your report due to mistakes made by creditors. They get away with it because nobody challenges them to the fullest extent. That’s why we go all the way at White, Jacobs and Associates.

credit repair Peoria IL

Is Credit Repair Legal in Peoria?

Our attorneys are experts in federal consumer laws. To fix your credit, they use many laws that can help, such as:
● The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
● The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA)
● The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)
● The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
● The HIPPA laws
● And many others

Get the best credit experts to support you in your corner. Get help the WJA way.

Repair Your Credit Scores in Just Six Months

Our credit repair process doesn’t take more than 6 months! We won’t just take your money – we will sit down for a free assessment and make a game plan that can boost your credit score. Don’t waste another day – contact us today and get assigned a dedicated credit expert. Find out why we’re the best credit repair service in Peoria, IL.

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