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Looking for good credit repair in Peoria, Arizona? White, Jacobs and Associates is your answer for expert credit repair. Peoria can be challenging for those looking to settle in the town with costs of living higher than the national average. A good credit score is of crucial importance to anyone. From buying a house, leasing an apartment, taking out a loan, or buying a car – it can all depend on the number on your credit report.

That’s why you need to focus on your credit situation. WJA helps you achieve this and get your buying power back. Doing everything in your power to ensure yourself a livable future is of utmost significance, particularly during turbulent times like these.

credit repair Peoria AZ

Why Do I Need a Favorable Credit Score?

Let’s go over this in more detail. A good credit score helps you in two significant ways:
● It enables you to take out a large loan
● It helps you get a reasonable interest rate on your loan

Your credit score is a number that credit bureaus give you after analyzing your financial standing and financial history. The three major bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian – give you a grade in the 300-850 range. Creditors and other financial players then use that number to judge how financially responsible you seem and if you would be able to pay back a loan.

What’s odd is that lenders prefer writing a loan to someone with an unfavorable score because they can charge a higher interest rate. Yes, they do want to be sure that you can pay them back. On the other hand, they want to impose the highest interest rate possible. The higher the numerical value of your credit score, the more loan options you get – along with more favorable interest rates.

That is why you need WJA to fix your credit score before you apply for another loan.

Why Do I Have a Poor Credit Score?

Just a few points on your FICO and Vantage scores can make a difference in terms of you falling into the good or bad credit category.

Poor credit can happen to anyone. Sometimes we get negative points because the economic climate is unstable. Other times, the bureaus make an error and unfairly report negative items on your credit. And finally, sometimes, we miscalculate and end up with unpaid student loans, foreclosures, bankruptcy, or repossessions, all of which show up on our credit report as negative items.

The important thing is this- if you have a poor credit score right now, it doesn’t mean your financial freedom is taken from you forever. At WJA, we repair your credit score in more than one way:
● We remove negative items from your credit score.
● We teach you how to bring up your credit score with positive credit.

Serious Credit Repair Results in a Short Time – the WJA Method

We don’t do credit repair in Peoria the traditional way. Such companies just send out thousands of automated dispute emails with meek results. At White, Jacobs and Associates, we take on a back-end approach.

That means we employ a 4-round auditing approach consisting of our in-house lawyers holding creditors and bureaus accountable for their actions. In other words, our dispute letters are not generic. They’re crafted based on the responses we get from creditors and bureaus during each round of our process. And the same goes for the audits we perform.

We are well aware that customization yields results. So from the start, we approach your case knowing it’s unique. A credit specialist analyzes your case and crafts a customized approach to credit repair. Then and only then, we get down to work. While we’re busy removing negative entries from your report, we’re simultaneously educating you on valuable ways to bring up your credit score. We prepare you for the long-term by teaching you about proper credit card utilization, making payments on time, and so on.

And how do we remove negative items? With the help of those carefully written disputes and performed audits. Often creditors and bureaus make mistakes or inadvertently slip in some questionable negative entries in your credit report. We don’t let them get away with that and are ready to ensure they can validate the item appearing on the report.

credit repair Peoria AZ

How Long Until I See the First Credit Repair Results in Peoria, AZ?

Don’t be surprised if you start getting frantic emails and calls from creditors two weeks into our credit repair process. That means that the process is working. Those creditors are not used to someone challenging them and checking their methods thoroughly. So they call you up to coerce you into admitting that their reporting on your credit was valid. Ignore their pleas and tell them to send everything via postal mail. You’ll send that correspondance to us so we can review it.

Our process will never take more than six months in total. Most of our clients start to see improvements in their credit scores in 45-60 days.

Right off the bat, during the free consultation, our credit expert will let you know if WJA can repair your credit. We prioritize transparency and expertise, and we’re not here to take your money if you’re not a good fit for the program.

Long-Term Success That Begins With Free Consultations

White, Jacobs and Associates has the mission of offering transparent credit repair in Peoria. We keep you in the loop during our whole process. Talk to a member of our team for free – get in touch today and allow us to nurse your credit score back to health.

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